Saturday, May 23, 2009

mobile blogging

I don't mobile blog too often, but I'm in the car for another few hours so I thought, why not? We got into Newark last night around 1:30am and stayed at the Marriott by the airport. When we arrived in our room, one of my Dad's friends had sent up a cheese and fruit platter, with a bottle of wine. It was really sweet, the beds were super comfortable and the hotel was quiet. It was a nice place to rest our heads. When we first booked this trip, we didn't anticipate going up to Vermont right away so that's why we didn't elect to fly into Burlington like we usually do. Due to my all of my father's Asian travels and our vacations we always fly on points so it was too much of a headache to change it. So that is why we are currently driving through upstate NY! Hank flies into Burlington tonight and we will all be staying at my Aunt's beautiful lake house until Wednesday. Then we'll be down at the shore. My parents are leaving for the Carribbean next week too while we're still at the beach house in NJ.
I am just loving being back "home" so much. We moved to AZ when I was 14, so all of my memories growing up are from back here. If Hank and I didn't already have a wonderful life and his career in Prescott, I would love to live in Vermont or upstate NY. My uncle live up here in NY and I love where he lives. I'd want to get some land and just lead a simple life raising a family. I can't get enough of all of the green trees- it's the major thing I missed when we moved to AZ, but luckily Prescott has tons of forests and beauty as well. I am not a desert girl at all, and I guess I only lived in the desert for 4 years, because I went up to college at NAU as soon as I graduated high school. I've never realized just how short of a time span I actually lived in Mesa, weird. But anyway, I love it here!
I'm sitting here, watching the trees go by, listening to The Gaslight Anthem. I cannot get enough of this band- the sound, the lyrics, I love them. And plus, they're from New Brunswick, where I was born! :)
I'm going to take a little nap but I'm definitely going to be blogging and taking photos throughout this trip so stay tuned! Happy Memorial Weekend to all of you!

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  1. when we were in PA i was in awe of the green trees! i wish we had more over here on the west coast. have so much fun!