Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sick, or tired...or sick and tired

Something is definitely not right with me but I can't put my finger on it. I dragged through my workout last night only to come home and be completely useless- I accomplished nothing this weekend! I can't tell if I'm just pms-ing or if I am actually coming down with a sickness. I am never, ever sick (besides my one month illness right around New Year's, yuck!) so I hope I am okay. Plus, this next week Amber moves home, my birthday dinner and party Friday, Shirley's party and Isis Saturday and then we leave for 3 weeks! I cannot, must not get sick!

Today was Mother's Day and it was a lovely afternoon spent at Hank's mom's house. We had a little BBQ and got to catch up with everyone. Paige is graduating high school in two weeks, which means the youngest of our family is finally an adult. And that means...time for Hank and me to get pregnant! Haha. I am kind of kidding, kind of not. We wanted to buy a house first so we could be settled, and have a nursery, etc, and we will more than likely wait...but I have to say that the phase I recently went through (wanting to wait a million years) was just that, a phase. And now I am back to my good old wanting to have children as soon as we can phase. It could change again but when I went to my new ob-gyn last week (I love her by the way), we got to talking about pregnancy and I got all excited. Nothing is happening anytime soon, but it's so exciting to think about. I think we'll be wonderful parents :).

So yes, Mother's Day was awesome. While at my mother-in-law's we also picked out a week in July we'll be spending on the houseboat (housemansion, seriously). I can't wait to just live in my bathing suit for a week doing nothing but sunning, swimming, jetskiing, speedboating, tubing, reading, etc. AND they have wireless on the boat! Yippee!

This week is going to be annoying, because it's the week before the last week of school and I am so, so anxious to just be done! I only work Mon-Thurs and then the next week I work Mon-Thurs but very, very short half days for finals. Super easy. Then I am freeeeee for three whole months.

Here are some photos from today -

This photo is HORRENDOUS, I know. I look so short and weird but I love this dress. It's so comfy.
mother's day dress, this picture makes me look even shorter than normal.

The pasta salad I made- tons of org veggies! Mmmm...
yummy pasta salad i made today


  1. That salad looks yummy!! And your picture is adorable as always, love the dress!

  2. So all kinds of people are going to give you all kinds advice on the timing for children, so I feel sort of lame offering my own two cents. BUT... personally I think you'll never think you have enough money, you'll never think you have enough space, and you'll never think you're mature enough to be a mom. But your spirit knows when it's time, and when that timing matches Hank's, then even though it's a leap - it always works.

    I could tell you about my experience for hours, but I won't here. Just know that everyday I'm amazed at how much I love my baby Jude and how good of a mother I feel I am because he's such an amazing kid. He didn't come when I initially planned (like it's possible to even plan!) but my spirit was ready for his...

    Good Luck!

  3. I agree with the last person about timing for children. I personally think that a person would have to be out of their mind or incredibly confident to think that they are totally prepared for a child. Even if you think it is the worst possible time for a child (like it was for me) it always works out. Not only that, but its the most amazing thing in the entire world. =)

  4. If by short and weird you mean ridiculously cute, then yes!

    New to your blog. Love the pics!