Thursday, May 14, 2009


Tonight, all is well in my little world, here at my parents' house in Phoenix. My best friend Amber Joy is upstairs, so tired and asleep in my bed, after driving all the way from San Francisco. Hank is next to me, typing away on his Macbook and making me smile in his sweet way. My sister Lauren is up in her room, packing for her Saturday evening trip to Vegas with her friends, Nanny is in her room knitting and listening to music, and my parents are tucked away in their bedroom, sleeping peacefully. So many of the people I love are sharing in this quiet contentment with me, and I am so full of happiness in my heart.

Amber arrived around 7pm and we all sat around and talked for awhile before Laur, Amber, Hank and myself left to get a quick dinner at a Mesa classic- Filiberto's. I have spent so many nights at this place in high school it's insane, and whenever I go there it totally takes me back!

late dinner

Now everyone is doing their thing, and I am thinking of going to sleep- I'm exhausted! I am really looking forward to tomorrow. Amber and I have a shopping day planned and I am so excited to just have a nice relaxing time. Then tomorrow night is my birthday party. Can't wait! As for now, sleep time. Goodnight blogger friends!


  1. I hope you have a great birthday party! =]

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend planned. Hope you get to rock out at your party!