Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Today was a good day, even though I woke up on the complete wrong, wrong, wrong side of the bed. This is unlike me, because I find great pleasure in (annoyingly, I'll admit) hopping out of bed at 4:30am shouting "Good morning!" to anyone within earshot. I am a total morning person. This morning I was due at the gym at 5am, but my inner-grump woke up PISSED and reset my alarm until 8am. Awesome. Missed my morning cardio and didn't have time to recurl my hair. Regardless of the time though, I still woke up angry and this didn't dissipate until, oh, 12pm or so. I'm in a great mood now though, so I guess that's what matters, right?

The day was spent at work of course, winding down the last two weeks before my glorious 3-month summer vacation. Kids are antsy, which makes for an interesting classroom, but all went well today. Jenn and I took our 4th periods outside to read and got to leave a bit early to go out to lunch for yummy sandwiches. We have half days each and every Wednesday (it's a hard life, I know), but after school was over we had a completely ridiculous meeting that wasted everyone's time. I was so glad to be out of there by the time it was over.

After work I got in a great workout, then headed to Hank's Grandma's for dinner. Hung out with Jenn for a bit, and now I am here. So overall the day turned around quite a bit, which I'm pretty happy about.

So looking forward, I have a lot coming up over the next few weeks, and that always makes time go by quickly and happily. When we're in NY I will be spending time with Em and I am so, so excited for that. I also hope to go back on my own sometime after to spend more time with her. Before NJ and NY though, is Vermont, which is my favorite state in the US. My Auntie El lives on Lake Champlain which is the most beautiful location in the world. We will be spending our time on one of their boats, sailing around the lake, trail running, eating amazing food, and just basically spending a week in my personal heaven (aka her home). Lauren and I are super excited because Hank has never been there, which blows my mind! He's going to fall in love and want to move there, I swear.

Bedtime for me now, the gym is calling my name again at 5am. I have been so motivated this week and I can tell a difference already. Stoked!

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