Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wonderful Weekend, Part 2

So after we got home well after 3am following the my bday party, we all headed to sleep pretty quickly. My sister was heading to Vegas the next morning so she had a long day ahead of her and needed sleep! Saturday morning Ambs and I woke up super late, around 11:30. I haven't done that in so long and it's weird to feel like the entire day had already gone by. It really reminded me of why I am such an early riser! We headed out to my hair appointment at Erika's so I could get my color freshened up for our trip, then we stopped by a couple shops on the way home. That night was Shirley's birthday party so we got back and started getting ready. I love that Shirl and I have birthdays so close to one another, we are already talking about the huge joint bash we're doing for our 30th! It' not for 3 years, but we are thinking a destination birthday of some sort! :)

So we got ready and headed out to Sens, which is a tapas restaurant in downtown Phoenix. We arrived and I got to see so many happy faces, including Emily, who is due to have her daughter in about a month! I am so excited, and everytime I am around her it gets me really excited to one day be in the same place. Shirley, Adam, Alana, Chad, Erin and Jeff decided to take the lightrail from Tempe so they arrived a bit late, but when they got there we started to decide what we wanted to order. I had actually never had tapas before so it was fun to look through all of our options. Between everyone's dishes I got to try quite a few things and they were all excellent. It was a really perfect place for a group dinner, and I could imagine it would be even more perfect for a date night! I can't wait to take Hank- there are a few really tasty veggie dishes I think he'd love. Shirley was glowing all night, basking in the birthday love, and she seemed to have a wonderful time. After dinner we walked over to the Roosevelt for a glass of wine/beer and hung out a bit more. Some of Jeff's coworkers were going out on Mill, so we all headed that way and ended up at Rula Bula. Totally cute bar with awesome live Irish music...but total d-bag central, which is granted being that we were in ASU-land. Amber and I took off to get some Mojo Yogurt (we hadn't tried it yet), and both the Isis and Earth Crisis shows were over so Hank and some friends came down to meet us. We walked around for awhile then ended up at Slices, where everyone who was at Rula Bula came down to have pizza too. All in all it was a wonderful evening, and what's better than celebrating the birth of your best friend?

Here are photos from the night -

obligatory photobooth pics, of course!
before shirley's birthday party

ambie and me

waiting for friends to arrive
too cute

summer dress!

Shirley and Emily (with Camryn in her belly!)
shirl and emily

Shirley and her bf Adam
shirl and adam

some of the girls
the girls


one of the dishes Amber ordered...yummy tofu
yummy tofu!

Erin and me
love her

the table

Stacey and Shirley
stacey and shirley

Emily, the beautiful Mom-to-be!
baby camryn! due june 10th

Amber and my yogurt later in the evening...I am a total fan of Mojo now (thanks Janay!)
mojo yogurt...mmm

outside Slices
at slices

the birthday girl...after a long night! :)
the birthday girl enjoying some pizza at 2am!


  1. What an adorable dress Danielle! I'm so glad you got to try Mojo's, it's definately soooo delicious.

  2. looks like you had an awesome weekend,so lovely:)and you looked so gorgeous in your yellow dress!x

  3. thanks so much girls! <3 too sweet, too sweet!

  4. First off, your dress is absolutely adorable. Second, we are so glad you liked Mojo and appreciate you spreading the Mojo Love!

    Your post made us smile, so here is something to make YOU smile...