Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back home

So after a quick little trip to Vegas, we are back home! I swear, nothing is better than seeing that "Welcome to Arizona!" sign anytime we drive back into our wonderful state. The weekend was wonderful though, won quite a bit of money and spent some great quality time together. And yes, you heard me right...I gambled, and won! I ended up playing a lot of "Let it Ride," which is a poker game at the card tables. It's my favorite and so fun. I also played this funny little slot machine that has a hamburger theme and won a lot too! Overall great time. It was very relaxing and fun to just kick back a little with Hank and his very generous family. Both sides of his family do so much for us and I always hope they know how much I/we appreciate them. So sweet. So yes, it was such a good time, and I was also able to workout every morning in the hotel gym which made me really happy. The only downfall was being around smoke 24/7 in the casinos- disgusting. My skin really feels gross after being around that for even just a few days.

Now I am just focusing on getting situated and getting ready for some house guests this week! Jonathan and Melanie will be up Thursday, along with Sarah too! My parents arrive Saturday and then we leave for Lake Powell Sunday, so it's a pretty busy rest of the week but I am super excited for all of it. Tomorrow I am spending the day on "me" stuff, relaxing and re-centering. :)

So, here are a couple of photos from the trip!

driving to LV

heading to vegas

view from our wonderful room

just arrived, heading down to eat

next morning, heading to breakfast

gambling legs

Hank playing Let it Ride
my fave poker game!

Hank, his Uncle Bruce, and Grandpa (step-mom's Dad)
hank, uncle bruce, and grandpa

Hank, step-mom, and Dad :)
hank's stepmom, hank's dad, and hank playing "let it ride" poker

another day, another mirror pic, good morning Las Vegas day #3!
"the hamptons do las vegas"

playing that blessed, wonderful Hamburger game! I love it!
i won a lot on this blessed machine


  1. Thank goodness you won so you don't have to feel guilty about wasting money again! I love LV! I am still such a dummy when it comes to blogspot, so I'm not sure if I can reply to comments in my blog, BUT! Forever 21 will be the death of me :)

  2. I love your shirt in the first mirror shot...viva las vegas

  3. I Love Las Vegas and can't wait to go back for a quick visit. Your arm looks great (btw ha) in that day #3 mirror pic. Also congrats on not coming back empty handed.