Sunday, June 14, 2009

I love Prescott!

Today was such a wonderful day and reminded me yet again how happy I am to live here! The summers up in Prescott are definitely something to write home about- usually in the 70s-80s, fresh clean mountain air, and sunny. Today I spent the afternoon outside with friends and it was great. I walked down and met Amber Joy and Lilly (her new rescue puppy!) on the square around noon. I decided to leave Maddie home because Lilly hasn't gotten her spay scars out yet and I didn't want Madeline to encourage her to jump at all. There was the typical huge art fair downtown and Lilly was not having it, so we took her back to Amber's and then walked down to the Brew Pub to meet Adie, Addison and Cathy while they finished their beers. The afternoon turned into just relaxing, walking around and enjoying each other's company. Once Addy went home to eat the girls and I just sat in the grass on the square and had some much needed girl talk. Perfect weather, beautiful day. After hangouts we all decided to go see The Hangover, so we walked back to my house to get Hank and headed to the theater. I thought the movie was definitely funny- I've seen funnier, but this was total laugh out loud material, and it put me in a really good mood! Besides this splitting headache that suddenly appeared, that good mood is still here, now that I'm home and relaxing. Hank and Lance are recording in the living room, and I am going to spend the evening baking some blueberry flax muffins and continuing to organize this mess we made last night.

I hope everyone had a lovely day! Here are some photos from this afternoon.

Beautiful Prescott sky
prescott sky, how i've missed you

Amber Joy and me
it was a beautiful day!

Cactus necklace, so cool
cactus necklace!

Amber and Lilly
the proud new mommy with her pup

Addison and Adie :)
adie and addy



  1. omg i wish our weather was like that!

  2. Sounds like youve had an awesome day!! I've got one of those plant necklace's too, they're fun. =] Her new dog is adroable I hope her and Maddie become great dog friends.

  3. omG I LOVE your outfit. SO GOOD!!!!!!

  4. where did he get that necklace??

  5. so my husband just surprised me with my first weekend away from our two little ones - in prescott! i know you are a busy woman and mama, and this is totally last minute, but i thought you might be a good resource to tell me: if you had a weekend by yourself in prescott, what would you do? does anything come to mind? i leave today so i've had zero time to plan. so far i am going to walk around the courthouse, thrift like crazy, and read a book. thank you for any ideas!