Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Our little pup Madeline had a really rough day yesterday. We started noticing a lump under her jaw on Sunday, and it had us really worried so we planned on taking her to vet's office first thing Monday morning. When I woke up around 6:45 am or so, the lump had nearly doubled in size, and also migrated into her throat. It looked so horrible, and although she didn't seem to be in any pain we couldn't help but be super scared. We literally rolled out of bed and took her straight to the vet's, where they determined that a piece of foxtail grass -

that evil foxtail. via hank's flickr

had gotten up under her back molar somehow, made its way down under her tooth, and into her cheek cavity where it formed a huge abscess and serious infection! It's hard to believe such a small thing could cause so much damage. It was really a fluke thing- although foxtails in dogs ears, paws and snout are a common occurrence, one causing this much havoc is not. The vet said we were very, very lucky we brought her in when we did because it could have be life threatening, as it was getting close to blocking her airway.

They had to slice open her throat/cheek (the incision is huge- there are some photos on my flickr so click on either of these photos to go there), and there is currently a drain running from her cheek, down through her throat. She is on pain meds and antibiotics as well. For these first couple of days (until Wednesday) she can't have any visitors and I need to stay with her. The hole in her cheek is so huge, and held with staples so if she gets excited or moves a lot it's dangerous. The pain medication makes her lethargic so I know we'll definitely make it to Wednesday without any issues. Madeline will then get the drain out Friday, and next week the staples will go.

sad baby, sad mama

Madeline is seriously like our child and it was so heartbreaking when we first picked her up. I also had no idea that animal procedures could be so expensive, it's seriously insane. Obviously completely worth it though.

During times like this, I feel really thankful that Hank and my schedule is so open. Thankfully he was not out tour right now because I don't know what I would have done, he is so calm in every situation- unlike me and my emotional self. I literally broke down in the vet's office, it was quite embarrassing. So Hank will be taking over babysitting duties on Thursday afternoon, when I head down to stay with Emily at her lovely hotel (sunning and swimming) and then head to California for Chloe's birthday weekend. I return on Sunday evening to resume puppy nurse status, and Hank flies out Monday morning to record with a new band. FUN! I am really, really excited for him about that, it's going to be amazing...but that's a whole different story :). So Ms. Maddie will have one of us with her all day, everyday. I am so happy about that.

I'm currently sitting here on the couch, Madeline is asleep next to me. I just ate some Kashi Go Lean with almond milk and berries, and I am contemplating which movie to watch. OR shall I start True Blood? Netflix just sent me 3 good choices. Happy Tuesday to me and my recovering daug-ter (get it, daughter but a dog? hmm...)!


  1. I hope she continues to get better. I know our dogs are like our children.
    On a lighter note, you have got to watch True Blood!!!!! Love that show.

  2. aww i hope she recovers well. the photos are so sad!

  3. That is so sad. We have three Boston Terriers and it would break my heart if anything like that ever happened to them. I hope she gets better.<3

  4. Oh the poor girl! I hope she gets better soon!


  5. seems like it's a bad month for dogs. (r.i.p. pimbo). i'm glad that you guys got her checked out and treated so quickly. she looks like a sweet doggie.

  6. I'm glad she's ok. It's so scary when something like that happens.

  7. Oh wow, I am glad your baby is okay. I can totally relate to them being your world!

  8. poor madeline..good thing she has great parents!!

    yes, doggie procedures are insanely expensive..oliver's back surgery cost about 5k all together. insane.

  9. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments! I love you all :)

  10. Wow thank goodness you took her in when you did. I'm sure she appreciates having one of you there all the time.

  11. thank benefits you took her in when you did. I'm sure she likes having one of you there all enough time.:)

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