Wednesday, June 3, 2009


the birthday boy and me, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

I thought I would write a quick blog before I head to bed tonight. We’ve been on the East Coast for quite some time now, and I have been enjoying every moment. This week has been especially wonderful. On Monday we spent the day in NYC celebrating Hank’s birthday and it was a blast. We shopped a ton, ate a lot of yummy food, and I got to see my dear Emily. It was so, so good to see her, as I haven’t seen her since Hank and I got married last May. It filled my heart with such happiness to be able to spend the evening walking around the city with her. All in all it was a wonderful day, and I think Hank had a great birthday, which is what matters most of all.

Tonight I am going to try to get to sleep early. Tomorrow we are spending the day on beach cruisers, biking all around town. I can’t wait! This summer has been one of my favorites so far, this trip has been especially therapeutic and I will be coming home with such a fresh perspective. Sometimes I get sad at the end of long vacations- it’s hard to go from straight relaxing for weeks to regular life, but there are so many things coming up it’s hard to feel down about these three weeks ending next week. The past couple of days it’s been a little foggy and rainy (tomorrow the sun comes back!) so I’ve been catching up on tons of reading and watched a few movies.

Also, so many of my friends and acquaintances are pregnant or recently had babies! It’s hard not to catch the baby fever! I love kids so much and I really cannot wait to be a mom- it’s very exciting! In my mind, I’ve always said I want to be here in life, or there in life, but really when is the right time? Hmm...


  1. aw babies! i'd have like 15 babies tomorrow if it were up to me (ok, not really) but I can't wait to be a momma either. I should probably get married first! ;)

  2. You look great as always. I'm glad your having such a great time. Leaving vacations is always hard on me because I forget everything and I never want it to end. So I try and take as many pictures as possible to remind myself of how happy and just what it was I was doing on vacation.