Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today was a great day. I woke up to find that Little Miss Madeline's swelling was almost all gone, and she was in great spirits- much better than the day before, of course. I spent the day with her, laying around and organizing/cleaning the house. I eventually got ready and headed off to do some errands before Hank got home; I was nervous to leave Madeline for a minute but she was fine. When I got back Hank and I walked down to Esoji (Japanese/sushi) and had a great belated birthday dinner with his family. His Mom is always vacationing and we have been gone so much so we couldn't celebrate closer to our birthdays, but it was nice having yet another celebration! We received very generous gifts and had a great meal with wonderful people. Afterward Hank and I went on a long walk downtown, which was nice because today was my day off from the gym and I was happy to get a little activity in. Now Hank is at a band meeting followed by practice, and I am here in our newly organized bedroom making playlists for our girls roadtrip this weekend. I am really excited to spend some time with my girlfriends and be on the beach for a few days!

Lately I have really, really been wanting to get new bedroom furniture (and living room too) but I know I can't until we buy a house. It's hard for me to wait, but I know its for the best so we can actually decorate when the time comes and not have random stuff that doesn't fit in our home. We won't be buying for awhile, but we're always looking. Hank has less than a year of school and then everything changes. Can't wait :).

Tomorrow I will be spending time with one of my greatest friends, Emily. She is in town for the weekend so tomorrow is the only day both of our schedules work out, between her working schedule and my trip. I'm very excited to see her!

So, that's it for me today. I need to go do some more packing and then I will be going to sleep. I hope all of you had a wonderful day!


  1. It's good to hear the Madeline is having a good recovery. Have fun with your friends.