Monday, June 22, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend was one of the best I've had in a long time. I came down Friday and met Emily for lunch at Pita Jungle, and it was wonderful to spend time with my dear friend and sit and talk for a long while. We can barely wait until I am with her in Brooklyn next month! It was a beautiful, warm day in Phoenix, a perfect day actually. We both ordered the Macro platter, which is my favorite thing on the menu.

After lunch with Em, I headed over to Alana's where Shirley was waiting, and we hit the road to Long Beach, California. We left around 3pm and made it there around 9pm or so, which was a great time considering we stopped to eat. I usually like to fly when I go to CA but it was so nice to be with the girls and have a long time to catch up on our busy lives! When we arrived Chloe (Autumn and Jason's daughter) was already down for the night so we all just sat around and chit chatted.

Saturday morning we woke up and went for a run along the beach, followed by a yummy breakfast. Chloe's first birthday party (on the beach) was set for noon that day and unfortunately the rain and gloom would just not let up. Regardless though we got ready and walked down to the cove where Jason and Autumn's mom Libby had already set up the tent and go all the food ready. Just as we got there, the sun came through and the sprinkling stopped, it was perfect- a little cool at time but overall great. It turned into a beautiful, sunny day. There were a million kids there, playing in the water and the sand, lots of delicious food and great company. I attempted to play volleyball for a minute but my soccer roots kept taking over and it was hard for me to not use my feet. I'm horrible at volleyball anyway, so I left that up to the girls. The entire day was awesome, Chloe was so happy and her 1st birthday was a total success!

girls girls girls

beach birthday party


alana and me

the loops

birthday girl!

she is SO excited

alana and me walking back to the house

(tons more photos at my Flickr too)

Since Grandma Libby was in town, it allowed all of us to go out Saturday night. We started with a big family dinner at Yen Sushi down on 2nd St. The sushi was okay, definitely not the best I've had but still good.

heading to sushi


shirl girl and me

the loops

After sushi we headed out on the town, we ended up Morrie's Wine Bar and then finished the night at Legends in downtown Belmont Shore. We went to bed super late, so Sunday was a late start, around 9am. I had already celebrated Father's Day with my Dad so it was really fun to spend Sunday morning with the new dad, Jason! We ate brunch at La Creperie and it turned out to be on the best breakfasts I've ever had- super fresh whole foods and great service. Sunday was also Chloe's official birthday so we got her a little strawberry crepe and sang to the happy baby.

la creperie- so delicious




It really was the best weekend and I was sad to leave, but I know I'll be back within the month. I got home last night and was pleasantly surprised by a sparkling clean house and some cute little surprises from Hank! The house was already super clean before I left but he did all the floors for me and hung up some things I had needed to be put up. We got to spend a great night together last night, before he left for CA this morning to record all week. So now it's just Madeline and me! This week should be a good one though- lots of hangouts with Amber Joy, and then Sarah will be coming to visit Thursday, and then Hank and I leave for a weekend in Las Vegas on Saturday. I am so excited for shopping and pool time and good food and gambling! We always have so much fun whenever we go. The moment we get there I will be by the pool- it's weird how it's Vegas but when you're at any of the nicer resort pools you could be anywhere. This weekend should be in the 100s and I am loving that! I know it's weird, but I enjoy hot hot days. Call me crazy. It's so wild how busy we are right now, we get home from Vegas, have a few days to unwind, and then we have visitors that next weekend and then leave for the houseboat for another week! I am really savoring this week at home right now, and it's nice to be able to do some cooking and baking, relax on the couch, watch movies, etc.

In a weird way I am already looking forward to going back to teach in August. It's great to have a profession that I look forward to going to everyday. I'm also excited to meet a whole new group of kids and get to know them, read novels, etc. Next year will hopefully be a really "big" year for Hank and I, and I really can't wait for everything.

So, here's to a new week, positive attitudes, and fun!

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  1. La Creperie is my favorite place on 2nd! And we just took dani's brother to Legends for his birthday :) It can get a little bro-ish down there, but i love seal beach!

    Glad you had fun!

  2. Seriously amazing sounding, and looking weekend!

  3. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! :)

    I also like hot hot days, nothing beats them! Don't get many here though lol

  4. wow, your life makes my head spin! but in a good way! i am kind of envious.... i would love to be able to just take off for weekends, and travel so much. it sounds like so much fun. maybe when i am older, and my kids are grown, i will be able to do those kinds of things. your photos are great. you are always dressed so nice too! <3

  5. Marisa- it was total bro-fest but we still had fun. I don't think I'd go back to that bar though! :)

  6. Lauren- we are totally trying to take advantage of our schedules now before life changes a bit. I'm a teacher so I have summers off, and Hank does graphic design and tours with his we have a totally open schedule. I read your blog and a life like YOURS life is what I most look forward to. I can't wait to be a Mom and start a family.


  7. I love your positive blogs! Sounds like you are a very busy girl this summer :)

  8. i wish my daughter had a teacher like you! what is your husbands band? and yes, being a mom is awesome... but every so often i wish i could take a break, haha <3

  9. Aww thanks Lauren! How old is your daughter?

    And Hank plays guitar in Hour of the Wolf, and maybe you know his old band- used to be the singer for a band called Life in Pictures. He is actually recording in CA with a different band right now which I'm not supposed to talk about yet! Haha.

    You are so sweet, I'm glad we're blog friends :)