Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July Festivities

I am so incredibly tired and kinda-sorta in nap mode, so I thought I would blog about my morning with our family before I went to sleep for an hour or so! My parents and sister arrived early this morning, and we all walked the 5 minute walk down to the funeral home where everything was set up for the parade. Prescott's parade is the epitome of small-town cuteness and its always a great time.

It was a truly beautiful day, blue skies and sunny- about 75 degrees with a slight breeze.
beautiful sky

cute old people

cupcakes galore

hot dogs and veggie dogs
hot dog/veggie dogs

Sarah and me, in our extremely festive, American decorations :)
love her


Hank's Dad riding with the Sheriff's Posse
hank's dad up close!


Hank and his Dad Butch- one of my favorite people!
i love this photo

my whole side of the family
the whole family

hula hooping - so fun

this picture makes me giggle everytime I look at it :D
the two men in my life ;)


after the parade, walking around the square
all of us

my sister is so pretty!
beautiful sister

my hubby

And here is a little video I took as well!

Overall it was the best day, and if you'd like to see more photos there are a lot on my flickr. My sister is seriously considering moving up here and I couldn't be happier! When my parents retire they plan on buying a house up here too and I can't wait for everyone to be in one place. Right now Sarah, Hank and I are pooped. Poor Sar's car broke down so she is on the phone trying to figure out a way to get it fixed, Hank is watching a movie and I am on my way to a little nap. The gym is closed today, but I am thinking of coercing Hank to go on a run with me, before fireworks.

Happy 4th of July everyone!



  1. that picture of you hula hooping is amazing!!

  2. Great pictures! I had so much fun with you guys today and I am so lucky to have you as my sister! I love you-ML

  3. I have to say that I only time I have been to Prescott was for a few hours while picking up a friend who worked there for the summer. When I pulled in I seriously thought there was one major street and that there was literally nothing else! These pictures really make me want to come back because the town looks so cute and nothing from what I thought it was! :)

  4. What lovely photos! 4th of July is my favorite holiday, and this is the fifth year I've missed it, living in England. Great to see some Americana shots :)

  5. Dorian- I love hula-hooping! So much fun:)

    Laur- love you so much, you are the best sister ever. Can't wait for you to move here!

    Emily- I had the same impression when I was going to NAU! My car had to be towed to Prescott and all I remembered about it was a main street and I didn't like it too much. A year or so later when I met Hank I was blown away with how wonderful it was here. I have totally fallen in love with Prescott and small town living! You should totally visit with your bf, there are tons of cute places to eat and visit. I can give you recommendations when the time comes! <3

    Pea-funk- thanks! It was a fun day and I am glad you enjoyed the photos :)

  6. wow, you should totally work for the prescott tourism commitee, haha! i don't know anything about that town (we have had a few orders going out there though), but you have totally sold me on it, haha. i want to move there now. my husband always talks about how he wants to live in a small town, away from what we know... like starting over somewhere quiet. prescott sounds like a great place to do that! i was born and raised in salt lake city, so i like that side of the country better. i don't love living in north carolina, and would be delighted to move away from here. but for now, i will just keep reading your blog and dream of living in a place that i loved as much as you love it there. these photos are great.