Sunday, July 5, 2009


I really cannot hang like I used to! This weekend was amazing and fun but I am seriously too old to be staying up until all hours of the night. Luckily Hank and I leave for Lake Powell and our houseboat later this afternoon and I am going to be enjoying a week of rest and relaxation. We try to go a few times a year but this past year we only went once so I have been looking forward to this for a long time. I can't wait to just float around in the water for hours on end, jet ski, and eat yummy bbq every night. I'm still being a little slow to get up and ready this morning- last night we watched the fireworks and then Amber and I went out downtown for a couple of hours with Scott. I didn't stay up horribly late, but I'm still exhausted collectively from this entire weekend. Last night was fun though. While watching the fireworks, Hank reminded me that on the 4th of July, four years ago, he told me he loved me for the first time! I had totally forgotten that milestone and it was so cute that he hadn't. It brought me all the way back to that night. We had been dating for about nine months and I was up in Prescott that week, staying with him at his Dad's house. We did the typical 4th of July stuff during the day, and then came back to his Dad's for the evening. His Dad lives in a beautiful house up on the top of a mountain overlooking all of Prescott, PV, and Chino. That year we watched all three cities fireworks simultaneously from their deck's hot tub. It was so romantic and special to be high above the world, watching three different fireworks shows with the person you were falling in love with. When Hank told me he loved me that night it was such an amazing feeling - he told me he had loved me since the moment he first saw me, and a whole bunch of equally mushy stuff. Three years later we were married, so he definitely did something right! It was just so neat to be taken back to that memory- so many times we forget things like that and it was nice to know he didn't.

I hope everyone had a really lovely 4th of July weekend. I definitely did, and I was happy to spend time with most of my family and some of my close friends. :)

Here are a few random photos from yesterday evening-

Sarah and me, walking downtown for some frozen yogurt
sarah and me, downtown

off to get frozen yogurt with hank and sarah

Hank and I at the fireworks, this lighting is BAD (I look sickly pale) but still a fun memory :)
looking pale at the fireworks

Amber Joy and me, heading downtown on Saturday night
amber and me

this photo makes me laugh - such a funny 5 minutes of my life
this picture makes me laugh, this moment was too funny


  1. that green dress is super cute! can't wait to see you soon!!!

  2. Thank you! Excited to see you too:)

  3. i love the dress! i wish we could have stayed for the fireworks!