Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lake Powell

We spent this past week on the houseboat on Lake Powell. It was the most wonderful time, full of 10-hour a night deep sleeping, amazing, healthy meals, tons of swimming, and lots of running around and having fun. Hank's family has been going to the Lake for many years before Hank was even born, and he grew up spending weeks at a time on his families boats- so he is a total water baby. I was raised on the ocean, so lakes are a whole different thing for me, but I have to say, I love Lake Powell and I was super excited for this trip! So we left Sunday evening and drove up to the Lake and got there around midnight. Hank's Mom and step-Dad had already flown their plane up and spent the 4th there, so they came back to their slip and docked Sunday night so we could sleep there after arriving late and head out to find a beach Monday morning. Their slip is right at the very end so all you see if water and canyon, simply beautiful. So we spent the night very comfortably and headed out around 9am on Monday. Hank and his Mom took the speedboat to scout out a beach to dock at, and once we arrived we got the wave runners down and had a great time. The whole week was a blur of water and fun, and the pictures tell the story best I'm sure. If you'd like to see more, you can check out my Flickr. Yay!

Hank's Mom decided to name the boat "Fins Up!" :)
great spot on the beach

navigating early Monday morning

good morning sleepy head!
1st morning!

getting the waverunners down, the pulley thing always always freaks me out


about to be pulled around the Lake on a huge raft, soooo fun!
Hank and me :)


Navajo Point
so pretty

I love this photo of Hank
my beautiful hubby- I love this photo

good morning!
good morning!

jumping off the top of the houseboat
stoked Hank

amazing evenings
moon over Lake Powell


  1. wow that last pic is beautiful! looks like so much fun!

  2. Those pics don't even do it justice, it's a beautiful, beautiful place! :)

    Thanks girl <3

  3. were these taken with your nikon?? I got mine in the mail finally and i looooove it!! xo

  4. what kind of camera do you have? these photos are amazing! and i love the one of your husband. too cute that he has your name tattooed (huge!) across his chest! what a sweetie.

  5. Sarah and Lauren- I took all of these photos with my little Canon digital. We left our D-SLR at home this time. I was pleasantly surprised with how the photos turned out though! :) Sarah- can't wait to see some of your pics with your new cam! Fun!

  6. You are quite the little globe trotter aren't you?! Oh how I miss the carefree days sans kids! But, as cliche as this may sound, I'd never trade a minute of it! I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through you! haha