Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, Tuesday

Yesterday was a wonderful first day back in Prescott, and Hank and I spent it food shopping and organizing around the house. I was so nice to wake up in our bed, and be able to have my entire wardrobe to choose from! ;) I got up around 8am and lounged around in my pjs until Hank woke up later and we got up and headed to New Frontiers. We got tons and tons of fresh, local produce and ingredients for our dinner plans this week. Most of the time we eat vegan, and I always have a good time trying out different recipes I find on the internet. One of my fave sites is the Vegan Dad blog and also Fat free Vegan . Sometimes I think it would be fun to take cooking classes so I think sometime soon I would like to actually do that rather than always wishing I did. I think I'm an okay cook but by no means great and I would like to be!

So we spent the day doing stuff around the house and then went on a run together later in the evening. It was a wonderful day!

This morning I woke up around 7:30am and Amber came by to pick me up and we headed down to Phoenix for a day of shopping. She leaves for college in Santa Barbara next week and needed to get some clothes for school and stop by IKEA for some stuff for her new house! So we did all that, somehow surviving the disgusting 112 degree heat and headed back up the mountain to Prescott. Hank and I spent the rest of the evening at his wonderful Grandma's house. I absolutely LOVE her- she is such a cool lady who watches politics (Rachel Maddow and Keith, etc) like they're soap operas. She's so smart and I always learn someting new whenever we go over, which is once a week for "Grandma Night."

So tomorrow should be fun also- Hour of the Wolf is playing their first of two shows this week (they leave for tour next Tuesday) and it should be a good night. Tomorrow morning I need to get back into the gym. I've been taking it easy for the past couple of days minus some cardio because I hurt my back a bit while lifting last week. It's been super painful some nights and totally fine others which is quite annoying. I hope these past days without being really strenuous will be good for it. I am definitely looking forward to a good workout tomorrow morning.

from tonight, about 20 minutes ago...isn't she CUTE!

I look creepy but look at HER!