Sunday, July 12, 2009

My weekend in pictures

This weekend was such a wonderful three days. I headed down to Phoenix to get tattooed on Friday and I was really surprised with how much my thigh didn't really hurt this time, it was almost strange, but I definitely can't complain! We got as much done as we could, but I had plans and it was getting late, so we decided to save the last hour or so for the week after next when I finish my ribs. Not looking forward to that, by the way. So I left Immaculate and I went back to my parents and got ready with my sister, and we headed over to Kelli's house in downtown Tempe, where her and Mike were already hanging out. I absolutely adore Kelli, Lauren and I grew up with her and she's one of the sweetest girls in the world so I was so happy to spend the night out with her and friends. So we hung out at her home for awhile, and once Monique got there we walked down to RA to meet Sarah and say hi to her boyfriend Andy who bartends there. The entire night turned into such a fun night of dancing to really awesomely cheesy music so I was happy of course. What's really ironic is that I ran into the younger siblings of one the girls I wrote about in my post about choices/paths in life. It was so strange, because I hadn't seen either of them in years and years and I had just reminisced a bit about their sister so it was just funny to me...but good to see them for sure. We ended up staying out until about 5am which is not my favorite thing to do whatsoever, but it was so fun and totally worth it. Plus, I finally got to hang out in Sarah's neck of the woods with her! Here are some photos from the night- more at my Flickr.

freshly done, one more session to go, yay!
Teacup tattoo- session two freshly done, one session to go!

my sister and me, driving out to Kelli's
sisters <3

Kelli in 3D!


hey girl

friends since 1994!

Lauren and me, hopefully they will both be done by the end of this month!
Tea for two, tea for two!

Kell and Mike
cute cute cute

the girls

two of the most important ladies in my life!


Saturday Rhonda did my hair (love her) and then I headed back up to Prescott to watch Hank's band play and hang out with Amber. It turned into another crazy late night, but still so fun. We started the night at Coyote Joe's eventually made our way to Sundance's around 11pm to watch HOTW. It was a super fun show as usual. Afterwards Amber and I decided we wanted to dance so we went to one of the ridiculous bars on Whiskey Row and had an insane time dancing to rap music all night. After the bars closed at 2am we went down to Mama Edda's Pizza to meet up with the guys and walk back home to our house, where we all hung out for a couple of hours. Another late night, but super fun.

Hank and I, outside of Sundance's before they played
my love

Amber and me

at Sundance's to watch HOTW play

silly bathroom photos, of course


bit of their set

We decided to take tourist photos at 2am, so here we are on the Courthouse steps. I love Prescott.
our "tourist" pics at 2am


This morning Hank and I tried to sleep in, but our room was too hot so we ended up waking up and going to get an early lunch and spend time outside. We did some errands, then ended up cooking a delicious dinner (bbq tofu steaks, quinoa with corn, sweet potatoes) and had root beer floats for dessert. One of my friends posted a Twitter photo of her root beer float and it caused Hank and I to run all the way out to the store to get stuff to make our own! So thanks Bree! Our original plans were to go see Bruno and then go late night bike riding, but Amber had to stay in tonight with her puppy so we pushed the movie until tomorrow night.

Tomorrow should be a wonderful Monday though, Amber Joy and I are riding our bikes and meeting at Cuppers early in the morning, then Sarah is coming back up to Prescott! Overall it was such a wonderful weekend. I got to spend time with some of my very best friends and I feel like my heart is so full right now. What could be better. Stoked on this week, stoked on life!


  1. i wanna see your sister's back tatty!

  2. Emalie I made a post just for you! ;)

  3. I had so much fun with you this weekend! Love you-ML!

  4. Who do you get tattooed by at Immaculate? My bf and I want to make appointments with Aaron in the future! I've seen work he's done on my friend and it looks amazing!!! Definitely want to get my thigh finished by him asap :)