Friday, July 24, 2009

Preview Night Dinner in San Diego

Tonight is definitely a first- I stayed in the hotel and Hank is out on the town! It's rare for him to be around other straight edge friends, as most of our friends in Prescott who were straight edge, aren't anymore. He's definitely not against drinking or anything for others, but he chooses to just not be around that stuff, which kind of excludes him from most of his friends activities where we live. When he's on tour with everyone it's a different story though, and I know he is so thankful for Lance (the singer and one of his best friends) who also makes the same lifestyle choices. Lance is with his girlfriend a lot when they're home though, so he's pretty much loving this, getting to spend time with friends and do fun nerd stuff for five straight days, which is right up his alley. It warms my little heart. He's at a party right now, and who knows when he'll be home, haha. It's usually the other way around and I am loving it! As for me, I am cozied up in this amazing CA King bed and enjoying every second. Sarah and Andy are downtown, but after I hit the gym and curled up in bed I just couldn't drag myself out on the town.

We arrived Wednesday afternoon after driving the five and a half hour drive from Prescott. I shouldn't say we though, because I drove the whole way! Yay for me. Lately I've been offering to make the big drives to CA because it helps me less bored when I am behind the wheel. And plus, then Hank will drive home Sunday night and I can sleep. :) Awesome. Hank had an exhibitor pass this year, from Super 7, which is a toy store in San Francisco, so he attended Wednesday night, which was Preview Night. I stayed back at the hotel and worked out and layed by the pool until I had get ready for a dinner party given by one of Hank's friends. The dinner was basically all of Hank's "board" friends, from, which is a toy collecting site and is kind of a kick off for the Convention. It was definitely a fun time, and it was good to see familiar faces. Most of all I get so happy when I see Hank so happy and he was stoooked, so it was a perfect night. :)

Driving to SD
hitting the road for San Diego

comfiest bed ever

Sweet Dreams

getting ready! :)
SDCC Preview Night '09

Hank and Alex at the dinner
Alex and Hank

some of the raffle stuff
SDCC Preview Night '09

Mori, friend, and Hank

SDCC Preview Night '09

our friend Connell and me, he is the sweetest
Connell and me!

Lulu Luke and Hank

SDCC Preview Night '09

Don, Connell, Pop Soda

melts my heart
SDCC Preview Night '09

Scott, Alex, and Scary Andy

fancy photo by Hank ;)
SDCC Preview Night '09

being silly when we got home


party dress



  1. I really think Hank and David (my boyfriend) would get along very well!! Your hair looks really cute straight!

  2. Thanks Emily! :) Yes, I'm sure they would. Does David like basketball?

  3. Oh my god you wouldn't believe how much he loves basketball! He always tries to get his friends to play, but no one will!

  4. Haha how funny- Hank is a total b-ball lover too :) They are total twinzies.