Thursday, July 30, 2009


I haven't really felt like writing much lately other than just giving a daily rundown, which is odd for me. Even when I don't post, I write in my free time quite often and I just haven't been in the mood. I've been very up and down with my moods, most days happy but on those other days when I'm sad, it's a lot heavier than I'm used to. I know a big factor is my return to "normal" life. It's hard to travel for three months and then have to go back to work (and I know, poor me, right?) and I know it's weighing me down a bit. I just need to stay positive and remind myself what a wonderful job I have, and how I need to be thankful for the fabulous schedule I get to enjoy. But on the subject of being bummed out, today I also found out some sad news that I'm not going to go into here, but I'm feeling pretty low and discouraged. I just don't get how people can believe in God when so many horrible things can happen to amazing people. There is no rhyme or reason and I am just so annoyed and sad at whoever or whatever is in charge, be it God or fate or pure chance. Ugh.

So anyway, tonight was a fun, quiet night with Amber, which was just what I needed. We hung out over here and then walked downtown for about 30 minutes to see friends. Now I'm just relaxing with Hank on the couch, contemplating going to sleep or staying up and doing some cleaning. Exciting! ;)

Tomorrow is a day dedicated to relaxing and I'm going to fully enjoy it. I'm looking forward to a great workout in the AM and movies during the day.

Goodnight, I think sleep wins! xo

my best friend


  1. keep your head up luv! i know we all question God I know I do. ALL the time! but i also know that prayer is powerful (no im not a holy roller preaching Christan.. just someone who has faith You, your family and friends will be in my prayers

  2. I am sorry to hear you are having to deal with sad news. Keep focused on all the blessings in your life and that will help you stay strong when you absolutely feel that you can't. I know you don't know me but please believe me when I say I am not a holy roller Christian either. That said, I have always wondered myself why so many horrible things happen without God intervening. Now that I am a parent, I think I finally understand that perhaps God's role as our parent is to give us free will--choices are made and there are consequences for those choices. Just as my child chooses to break a friend's toy and the friend chooses not to be their friend anymore, people make choices and other people suffer as a result of them. As far as things that happen that are out of someone's control, I haven't figured that one out yet other than God never promised the proverbial "heaven" would exist on earth. Therefore, we have challenges and tragedies to face in our life.

    Stay Strong.