Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What a wonderful Monday!

Hank and I have been getting really slow starts to the day, which I can't complain about, but it's definitely a change for me. I have been really appreciating the fact though, that at this point in our lives, we are able to sleep in together a bit even during the week. I know little pleasure will not last forever, and probably not much longer as life starts to change a bit, so rather than waking up early and racing to the gym, I've been going at night and spending the mornings with my hubby in bed. I really try to not ever take for granted all the time he spends with me. Somehow between finishing up his Bachelor's degree, multiple bands, jobs, etc. he still finds the time to be an amazingly "present" partner. It's insane, and he inspires me everyday to love more, and love better. I'm sure he won't like me writing all of this here but I am proud of him, and I don't care who knows it! Perhaps I should change my blog to sickenlysweet.blogspot, yeah? ;) Ha. Anyway, yesterday was no different than the past few weeks, we slept in until about 9am and it felt so good! It was a weird morning for me for some reason and I just felt a little off, but I tried to shake it off a bit and get going. I went in and got one of my favorite things ever- a peel at my derm's office. I've been getting them for about a year now and I wish I could get one every week but I know that's a little excessive! Haha. So after my peel I went over to Hugo's to meet up with Sarah and Andy, who came to town for the day. Amber Joy met us too, and we had a nice lunch, just talking and having fun. Aftwerwards Amber and I grabbed our puppies from our houses and went downtown for some puppy time before Sar and Andy went home to Phoenix. It was such a beautiful day- a little hot for Prescott but nonetheless beautiful. After our friends left, Amber and I spend the evening "speed-walking" around and having girltalk, then Amber, Hank and I went to see Bruno. I definitely thought it was funny, but also really sad to be reminded of just how horribly predjudiced people can be. I should also add that Amber cheered me up out of my sad mood with some red velvet cupcakes and made cookies for Hank! So sweet. Overall it was a so-so day turned pretty great. :)

Here are some photos from the afternoon-

Laughing Lilly!
cutest Lilly

Sarah and Andy
Sarah and Andy in Prescott <3

Puppy kiss!
even our puppies are best friends

puppy party!


  1. i like how your purse looks on me. hahaha :)

  2. what kind of peel do you get and how much does it cost? i am intrigued!