Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2nd day down...

Well, here I am sitting on the couch, absolutely and fully exhausted! I don't remember being this tired after the first two days over my past five years of teaching...I don't think I've ever been this tired. I literally went to bed at 6:30pm yesterday, how funny is that!? But I have to say that the start to this year has been absolutely amazing. Usually I have a class or two where I think they may be a bit of trouble- a little too chatty, rude kids, etc. Every year I've come home to Hank on that first day and told him my worries about this or that. But this year, every class has the best vibe and I am just so excited for all of the cool things we'll be doing this year. I teach two sections of classes- 4 sophomore classes and 1 senior class. The sophomore class is a chronological survey of American Literature (my favorite!) and the senior class is all about college prep- reading, writing, and public speaking. The sophomores are the cutest little people ever. I love the age - 15 and 16 year olds. It's the age where they still are figuring out who they are, trying to be cool, and I find it just so endearing and humorous. I really and truly believe that no matter what kind of kid they are, all they want is to be loved, and I think a big problem in education is that we forget about that aspect of it...the empathy and caring side. I haven't ever had a big discipline problem, and I think that comes from the fact that I treat all of my kiddos with love and at the same time, I communicate my expectations clearly, and they know what they need to do to get a good grade. I have found that if you just expect them to perform at a certain level, whether it be with behavior or grades, they usually will meet or exceed those expectations. It's when teacher expect that the "bad" kids will be bad, etc then there are problems. But I digress...I could go on about all of this forever and I'm sure it's a big bore! Thanks for reading though.

So yes, this week has been amazing. Tomorrow we have a half day (we have a half day every Wednesday) and it's a nice way to hit the middle of the week and head on out to the weekend. This weekend should be a good one, Friday night I will be seeing Julie and Julia with some girlfriends- I am reading the book right now and I am intent on finishing it before then! The rest of the weekend is pretty much in the air. I have a few things around the house I want to get accomplished before Hank gets home the following week. Right now he is in Portland, that lucky duck!

I'm going to head to the gym now, which is the very last thing I want to do, but I know I'll feel great when I'm done. So, off I go! :)

p.s. Here's a photo of my outfit today! A few of my blog/flickr friends asked me to post my "teacher" outfits for awhile so they could get inspiration, as they are tattooed professionals too! This photo is kind of hard to see what I'm wearing but it's a high-waisted skirt with a black tee tucked in. It's a super comfy outfit. :)

2nd day of school :)


  1. That outfit is so cute! Someday David and I are going to come up and we'll go shopping and the boys can play basketball :)

  2. OMG! You're so cute and skinny!!! Jealous!!!

  3. you are cute and skinny! haha. i love what you wrote about your sophomores. i remember that year very clearly... that is the year that i got pregnant with my daughter. i wish i would have had a teacher who cared about me, the way you do about your students. i could have really used someone like you in my life. i love your attitude. <3

  4. Amber Joy- HOOCHIE MAMA!

    Emily- yes! That would be so much fun. I would love to meet you! :)

    Shani- Thank you, you are too sweet.

    Lauren- Thank you for those kind words, you are such an inspiration to ME!

  5. This outfit is killer!