Saturday, August 8, 2009


Throughout my entire life I have always experienced the most intense, insane dreams. Not necessarily nightmares, but the situations can range from crazy happy to just so bizarre it feels like a nightmare. The oddest part about my dreams is that my mind convinces itself that it is in fact reality, so when I wake up, sometimes I lay in bed for a few minutes believing those things to be real. It's hard to explain, but recently I had a horrible dream that I killed someone close to me, and that I was in jail because of this crime. I woke up feeling like I was waking up in a jail cell and I was surprised when I found myself in my own bed. How strange is that? It's almost too weird to write about, and I know it makes me sound crazy, but for some reason most dreams I have feel this way to me. I am going to try and avoid talking about my dream from last night in too much detail, because I know most of the time people's dreams are only interesting to the dreamer. But last night the dream entailed me having a horrible surgery. It had something to do with my brain, and most of the people I am close to in life were all around me at this table while I was discussing it with them. That part of the dream was horrible. I felt confused and sad, and I can't really recall why. Once that part of the dream ended I was running through a parking lot of some music festival, then through a skatepark, and then finally up and down these insane alleys, and apparently the alleys were part of some concentration camp I was in. Very scary. But the oddest part was that I was wearing a bathing suit and UGG boots, holding a Star Wars type of machine gun, shooting people. What the heck, seriously. I have some ideas of where all of the random pieces came from, but the way my mind puts stuff together is insane. I woke up with dejavu from my dream, feeling like I had actually been in that place before, or it was a reoccuring dream, even though I don't believe I have had that dream before. I do have reoccuring themes though, and one of the biggest commonalities running through my dreams is the Holocaust. Very strange. I always wonder if others experience frequent, insane dreams and remember them (I wake up remembering one almost every morning) and if other people's dreams ever feel that real, to the point of convincing yourself that they are, in fact, reality.


  1. I seriously hate those kind of dreams! I've literally had dreams that were so horrible that I'd wake up and find myself crying- then thinking it was real! It's been awhile though! Now all I dream about is having weird blackberry phones while you dream of shooting people with a star wars gun haha :) I'm sure it must be bad having those dreams while Hank's gone!

  2. i actually love hearing about other peoples' dreams, maybe because i have such crazy ones too! do you tend to remember your dreams on a regular basis? i thought for the longest time that that was how everyone was, but apparently it's not!

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