Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday night

I am back from a wonderful, early evening spent with good friends. Amber, Robyn and I went to see "Julie and Julia," which was an adorable, light-hearted film. I am the biggest Meryl Streep fan, and I absolutely adore everything she does. She did Julia Child spot-on, and at times I forgot I was even watching Meryl. With that said, I am not the biggest Amy Adams fan, but I thought she did a good job in the movie. It was a good film. Not great, but it was definitely a great feel-good movie. I just watched "Doubt" a couple of weeks ago, also starring Streep and Adams, so it was interesting to see them in completely different roles. It also really made me love Hank somehow a bit more when I watched both Julia and Julie's on-screen husbands. Hank is just like those men, the kindest man I know, and I feel like my relationship with Hank was similar to the one Julia Child had with her Paul. My heart was very full the entire time, in a good way. So, I left the theater with a smile on my face and I feel inspired to cook more which is always a plus.

Amber leaves for the second and last time tomorrow morning, so it was nice to spend one more evening with her. She's my movie partner (well really my partner in most everything fun!) so thankfully and luckily Hank is coming home next week to work our way through our "must-see" list. We seriously go to the movies about once a week I feel like, especially when there are good movies out, like there are now.

What else, what else? Well work today was very interesting. I had a student have a seizure in my class which was very scary and upsetting. From what friends told me, it may have even been a weird overdose freakout and not a seizure, but I'm still unsure. I took care of it immediately and she got the help she needed, thank goodness. Other than that it was a typical Friday- my sophomores were a little rowdier than usual but overall all the kids I have are so respectful and well-behaved. Like I said before, it should be an awesome year.

So Amber and I, and our friend Chelsea, are planning a very exciting, very long trip this summer to Europe. None of us have ever been and since we are in the very, very beginning stages of planning I would love any input as far as where to go, what to see, etc. Luckily Chelsea has friends in some places so it looks like we may have host families and friends helping us along the way, but if any of you have any friends in Europe please let me know so I can bug them via email! ;) I'm sure I will be posting about this over the next year in a lot more detail, but so far we are planning to visit Greece, France, Italy and Ireland. I am getting excited just thinking about it.

Another thing I wanted to add to this blog is about my Mom. I waited until after her surgery to type this out, as I was really nervous and didn't want to even go into it here, but all is well now, thank goodness. As many of my close friends know, my mom battled breast cancer last year and WON (fuck you, cancer)...although she lost both of her breasts in a double mastectomy. She is the healthiest person I have ever known (both in mind, body and spirit), yet she constantly deals with very serious health issues, which is heartbreaking and very frustrating. Most recently my Mom's cardiologist informed her that the back wall of her heart was very weak and he was concerned about the risk of a heart attack, so today they went into her heart but luckily found no blockages. She is doing well now, post-op, but it was scary today and I avoided talking about it until I knew everything was alright. I am going down to visit her tomorrow morning and I am really excited to give her a big hug. I swear, these past few years have been a nightmare of health issues for my family and really, enough is enough.

So a scary day turned into a very good, positive day. My Mama is a-okay, Hank is officially home in FIVE days, and I spent time with two wonderful ladies this evening laughing and having a grand old time. Tomorrow is a hair appointment with Rhonda and hang outs with my Mom and fam, and then most likely out with Kelli and Lauren for a girls night.

I was going to head down to Phoenix tonight but instead I'm heading to the gym for a late night workout. Phoenix in the morning! I hope all of you have a wonderful night. So much love. :)

Half of Robyn, Amber Joy and a flash-blinded me, waiting for the movie to start
waiting for Julie and Julia to start

and me, STOKED that my sweetheart will be home in five short days (hence the five fingers...)! Don't mind my crazy face- I guess this is how I look when I'm excited! :)
super cheesy face! 5 days 'til Hank is home from tour!


  1. Ireland is a definite must-see. I'm so excited you're going! Feel free to ask about anything and everything!

    Also, i'm so happy your mom is ok. My mom dealt with cancer for 5 years. She, unfortunately didn't make it, but hearing stories of people who beat it really warms my heart :) And yes...fuck you cancer.

  2. Oh thank you so much Marisa! I am sorry about your Mom, that makes me very sad. Fuck you cancer so much. I hate it. Thank you for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts, I really appreciate it. Hugs. :)