Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goodnight busiest day

Well, it's 11:46 and I NEED to go to bed soon but I am trying to blog almost every night so I figured I would type up a quick one. Today was a good day, turned even better when I saw Hank after work! He got home around 8:30am so it was really hard to make it through my day knowing that he was waiting for me! I made it though, and got home to my sweet, darling love. Gosh I am so happy he is home. We went and got dinner at Hugo's then came home and took a wonderful afternoon nap until I had to get up and go back to work for "Meet the Teacher Night" and he had to head over to the skate shop to set up for the show tonight. I can't stress enough how awesome the new venue is. It's one of my favorite places for shows and I am ecstatic we have it now. Hopefully a lot more touring bands will come through town now that we have a solid all-ages spot. But anyway, tonight at work was awesome. I got to meet so many parents and I got the best feedback. It really reaffirmed why I do what I do. A couple of parents even said they've noticed their child reading for fun, for the very first time, since being in my class (and it's only been a week). I am just so happy and it was really special to hear so many great things and that the kids are enjoying English. After the work I headed over to the Hour of the Wolf show and got to see Adie, who's in town from LA for the evening. I love her and I loved that I got to see her. After the show Robyn and I went to the gym for some late night cardio and now I'm here, about to go hop into bed with my hubby. Tomorrow is our weekly short day and Hank has a show in Phoenix. I was going to try and head down with them but I just have too much to do, and it's a later show, so no Phoenix for me unless I change my mind last minute. I am already counting down to the weekend and looking forward to getting some sleep. I've been pretty bad this week with going to bed early and tomorrow my goal is to be in bed by 9pm. We'll see if I can accomplish that! As for now, it's past midnight (yikes), so I am off to sleep. Goodnight all. :)