Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hank on Lake Powell- I love this photo

I miss him so much. Luckily I just have five more days and then he's home. I know this sounds really dependent but my days feel meaningless when he isn't here to share my moments with. I have a great time with my friends, but then I come home and it's just me and Madeline and at times I do get pretty bummed. I enjoy every minute when he's home, all the lounging around we do, movie nights, cooking, date nights, our late night runs and when he's not here I often just feel "blah." I mean, I still have fun and a good time, but it isn't the same as when he's home. I 110% support him being on tour, doing his thing, and like I've written before, I do enjoy "me" time. I am just so used to spending so much time with Hank that when he is gone it's very odd. But anyway. haha.

Today was a good day. I got a lot of work done in terms of school and I am feeling accomplished and on top of things. Tomorrow is Friday, yahoo! I think I mentioned this in my last entry but I'm going to see "Julie and Julia" with some of my girlfriends after work and I am just so excited. My dear friend Rhonda is also doing my hair on Saturday and I'm looking forward to refreshing my color and fixing these dang roots! If you didn't know, I am a natural blonde! I feel like I look totally odd with light hair though, so I've been dark since about 2002. I've had months where I've gone back to light, but I never really feel like "myself," even though interestingly, that IS myself! Very odd.

I just dug up this really ridiculous/embarassing photo of me when I was about 19 or so...about 8 years ago! I think this was probably my Friendster default pic. Remember Friendster?! This photo makes me laugh, I think I must have thought I was soo cool. ;)



  1. haha i remember that time in your life! so much has changed-the picture is still super cute though! you used to wear that necklace allll the time :) yay for seeing you this weekend-want to go out on mill with kelli on saturday night? and maybe invite sarah?

  2. And Laur, I'm not sure if I want to go out or anything. I think I just want to lay low and hang out with Mom. I'll text you later. Love you!

  3. I love Hank's "Danielle" tattoo--- Did he do it as a surprise for you, or did you know in advance? Either way it's uber-romantic, and I wish my hubby would do that. :)

  4. Cherie- it was a surprise! I was VERY surprised! :D