Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Monday!

Well, my Monday wasn't so happy due to me staying up way, way too late watching True Blood and suddenly having the urge to read very old Myspace messages between Hank and me, from 2004. They always make me smile because after meeting for the first time we corresponded for a long time via the internet while he was on tour, and because we lived two hours away. So I have hundreds of amazing letters we have written to each other, from the very first "getting to know you" type of messages to right after we got engaged in 2007 and both kind of lost interest in that website. They are amazing to read and I am in the process of putting them all in order- sent and received- and printing them into a little book for us to keep. It's very neat to be able to see the entire timeline of our relationship, both in those messages and in my very detailed personal journal. I love it. I hope one day our children can enjoy reading them too!

So anyway, I stayed up waaay too late and woke up very late. My alarm went off at 6:30am and I proceeded to somehow turn both my blackberry alarm and regular alarm clock off and sleep until my body woke itself up at 7:15 which was not good at all, seeing as I should be at work no later than 7:45 in order to get everything set for the day, which begins at 8:09am. I feel lucky I naturally woke up too, that could have been a nightmare. It's a lot different being late to work when there are 35 teenagers waiting outside your door! I don't wear a lot of makeup (foundation and mascara only) but I still take a long time to get ready and having 20 minutes was not pleasant. I ended up getting to work at 8am, cutting it way too close and ended up feeling stressed and behind all morning. Robyn luckily had brought a Lunabar for me for breakfast, when I texted her in frenzy about how late I was. I am SUCH a breakfast person and I simply cannot function with having a nice, solid 1st meal early in the morning.

The day shaped up and the sweet Robyn also brought me lunch- an amazing couscous and zucchini dish (which I will be making for Hank this week- so good!) and because I had lunch duty outside today she sat with me. I always eat with Jenn but this year we don't have lunch together, which makes me sad and I hate not having "our" time to catch up and squeeze in a horribly wonderful reality program while we eat!

The rest of the day flew by, and I spent the evening straightening up the house for Hank's arrival tomorrow morning and then working out for awhile- cardio, shoulders and legs tonight. I am so, so excited for Hank to get here. I somehow missed him more than ever on this tour and I cannot wait until we can be back to our regular life for a month or two before he leaves again for a huge full-US tour out to Gainesville Fest and back, around, etc. Apparently on this tour they've been killing it, which is awesome. I really enjoy listening to HOTW and things are really coming together for them which they deserve. Tonight they're in San Diego, playing with Lewd Acts which means fun fun fun.

So tomorrow Hank will be home by the time I get home from work, and I expect that we will go on a quick little dinner date before I have to return to school for "Meet the Teacher Night" where all the parents come to the classrooms to do just that. It's just for an hour and a half, and then I will be heading over to Hank's show at the skate show. Stoked.

Here is a photo of my outfit today, I took it this afternoon because I was so crazy this morning! :) I don't know why it looks so short, I swear it's not like that in person! haha
Day 6

and one of the many postcards Hank has sent my way, this one is part of a little series! ;) He is too funny. I love him.
one of my favorite parts of having a hubby in a touring band...postcards from all over!


  1. for running late your outfit is adorable!

  2. i love your blog! and the fact that you are an english teacher with very very nice tattoos!

    in high school my teachers used to call meet the teacher night, "meet the creature night".

  3. Thank you Gabriella! :)

    And oh my gosh, I am stealing that to call it tomorrow! ha

  4. Oh man! I had a boyfriend who used to tour, and for the first 3 tours I actually got to tag along, but that last one when I stayed back was torture!

    I LOVE that idea of making a book of all your husband and your messages. If you want to actually bind the book yourself, you should check this out