Sunday, August 30, 2009

if I was a ZOMBIE

if I was a ZOMBIE, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

Hank said, "so this is what you do with your free time?" Haha. I guess. I was bored today and editing some band photos so I made this little gem. It's me, supposedly looking like a zombie. And I promise I won't post another one of these stupid photos from this point on. ;)

Today was a fun day though. Hank's mom and sister picked us up bright and early and we did estate sales all morning. I'm so weird and I can't stand touching strange, dirty things (I have even grown to really, really dislike thrift stores) so it's hard for me when the some of the houses just put weird junk out. Hank found a cute table though, Hank's mom got this cool 1950s chair, and Brooke got this Marilyn Monroe thing she loved. Oh, and Hank also got some Ping golf clubs for $1. One of the drivers alone is worth $200 plus so all in all it was a success and fun to just hang out anyway. We did Hugo's for lunch, then I came home and watched "Hard Candy," a totally weird and disturbing movie starring Ellen Page, who I thought did an excellent job with her role. After relaxing all day I went to the gym for cardio and legs. When I got home we went and saw District 9 and I actually liked it, despite hearing many bad reviews. Call me crazy, but I could totally see something like that happening, especially with America's mentality about keeping anything alien or foreign out. Very interesting social/political commentary lurking between the lines. There was also a love story buried in there too which surfaced from time to time. If you like alien movies like me, then you'll like this film.

So tomorrow I will be sleeping in late and loving every second of it. At noon I'm going to see "The Time Traveler's Wife," which I am so, so excited about! Hank is spending the day golfing and then I'll be making dinner and doing some baking. Sunday is probably my most favorite day of the week and I think tomorrow will be exceptionally great! Next weekend is a three day weekend too, so knowing that makes this weekend that much sweeter and the work week less ominous.

I hope all of you have had a restful and fun weekend so far!

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  1. #1 i despise touching old, weird things. i feel like i can smell the ghosts on them. that sounds insane, but it's the best way i can describe it. i have a bionic nose.

    #2 i love Hard Candy, i've seen it lots of times. it is totally weird and creepy but you're right, she does a great job in that role.

    #3 andy and i both agree that District 9 was our favorite summer movie. we both said several times during/after it: "this is totally what would happen if aliens came to earth."

    #4 i miss my sukisu.