Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today was a great day! I started it off a little bit slow, resulting in me feeling rushed, and in turn rushing around trying to get out of the door. I ended up ripping the tights I wanted to wear while putting them on, which caused me to have to take off my dress (it's too short without tights) and having to put on an outfit I wasn't too keen on. And I know it's silly but if I don't like my outfit, I don't have a good day. Luckily I snapped out of that mindset, even though I continued to hate my outfit. But whatever. The school day was good. A student may or may not have called me a "fucking whore" when I asked him to move seats though, which is pretty horrible. I didn't hear him say it, but I know he said something, and one of my darlings from last year was visiting and filled me in on the insult after class. I already knew this kid may be the one kid who could possibly give me problems, but other than the possible utterance, he's been pretty good. I think I'll let it go since I didn't hear him say it verbatim, but keep my eyes (and ears!) open.

After school let out around 1pm (half day) we had a department meeting that lasted for awhile, then I just hung out with Jenn until I headed home. Brooke (Hank's sister) picked me up and we went to our Grandma's house for our weekly dinner and talk session. I love going over there, as I've written a million times before, so it was another great night. We spent most of the night watching Keith and Rachel on CNN and talking about the insane right wing extremists our country is unfortunately dealing with. Now those people freak me out. Evangelical Christians also freak me out and sadly those groups are usually one in the same. Yuck. But I don't feel like getting into that I'm done!

After GJ's house Amber and I spent the evening exercising our way around the downtown. It was such a nice evening- we could feel a monsoon brewing and the wind picked up to a pretty insane level as we were ending our time outside. I am hoping it rains tomorrow!

So, I hope all of you had a great day today. The weekend is almost here! I'll leave you with another daily "teacher" outfit. I don't like this one but for the sake of posting my work clothing each day I will share it. It looks like my thighs are one giant thigh! Weeiird! ;) Goodnight all.

off to work, day 3


  1. Aw this is a cute outfit anyway. (Although I'm curious to see what the dress + tights may have looked like.)

    I was never quite sure how to handle students that would mutter things that you're pretty sure are insults, but you're not exactly sure WHAT they said. It's tricky.

  2. Ah, you look adorable (as always). I'm excited that we will get to see a new outfit everyday. Your outfits are always fun and very inspiring.

    Also, if you ever have time or interest, you should post some of your favorite or often used recipes. The boy and I are trying to eat healthier and I've noticed some of your previous posts involving foods/meals you eat. You definitely know a thing or two about healthy eating. I'm nearly clueless.

  3. Cara-Mia, I am planning on wearing my dress next week once I get new tights this weekend!

    Clarissa- Hank is coming home next week and we will be cooking a lot, so I will be sure to post a few recipes during that time. :) Thank you so much for the compliments too! <3

  4. ah im exactly the same way! if my outfit is not THE outfit for the day then im grumpy and uncomfortable for the entire day. so odd!