Thursday, August 6, 2009

Waking up at 10pm

Yes, you read the title right...I just woke up, which is not good at all. I have to be up at 4:45am tomorrow for the gym so falling asleep after getting home from school stuff wasn't the best idea I'm sure. I figure I'll write a quick entry, read a chapter in my book (The Time Traveler's Wife) and try and get back to sleep! Today was a good day- I got so much accomplished in my classroom and I am almost ready for the first day of school, which is Monday. The main thing I hope to get up and running is a teacher website. They don't give us anything but an address and a server, but I don't want anything super fancy. I can do HTML and that will be more than enough to get it going until Hank gets home and can make it fancy with Flash or CSS or whatever he does. It's funny to me I've never had a website for my classroom before, because I spend so much time using it for photos and blog, so I think it will be a fun and easy way for me to keep in touch with parents and let them know what is going on.

I'm looking forward to this weekend and getting some major school clothes shopping done. I've kind of put it off all summer and now I am in need of a million things. School clothes for me consist of the same items everyday because I cover my tattoos. My usual outfits are either a) high waisted skirt, blouse/cute tee and cardigan, b) dress and cardigan, or c) skinny jeans, blouse/cute tee and cardigan. So it's pretty easy to shop because I'm looking for the same pieces, and I just try and go for unique, cute things I can mix and match. I wear flats almost everyday, although this year I've been thinking about wearing heels to work so I am taller than more of my students! haha. Flats are just so comfy though and I'm on my feet all day long.

Tomorrow is Friday and it's going to be an awesome day...except tomorrow is the last day I'll get to see Amber before she moves away. I'm very sad. We are hopefully going to do lunch together so we can say goodbye and being the sap I am, I'll try not to cry and will more than likely fail. I know Santa Barbara is not far and I can visit her cute new home whenever I want, but this summer was so fun and I'm going to miss her! One bright spot is that she will hopefully be getting a job at one of my favorite places in the whole wide world to shop, which means discount discount discount! Ahhh!

Oh, and speaking of missing, Hank is officially on tour today and playing a show in Fresno tonight. I already miss him, of course, but I'm excited for the postcards to start coming in- that's one of the best parts. Nightly emails, postcards, and cute it.

So, tomorrow will be a long last day of work and my last day in the classroom before Monday and goodbyes to Miss Amber Joy. Bittersweet. As for now, I'm off to try and fall back asleep...goodnight, goodnight!

oh and p.s. here's a photo of this cute sticker Hank put on my planner. It's one of his favorite toys- Mummyboy from Super7. He has a lot of them in his collection and will even be releasing a collaboration with the toy company (Super7) with their next album- a limited number of a special HOTW run Mummyboy will be available for purchase with the record if I remember correctly. Awesome. Isn't he such a cute little guy?

Hank's cute Mummboy sticker on my planner


  1. I'm sad too, roo. I blogged as well regarding the good byes! I bbm'd you, but alas you were asleep! <3 you

  2. prior to enforcing my rule of no band dudes. i loved nightly phone calls & voicemails from the road!

  3. I'm reading the Time Traveler's Wife right now too. Almost finished. I liked it. How are you liking it so far?