Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekend oh weekend...

It is almost here. This week has been an awesome, awesome week at work, in terms of teaching. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do! It's so fun. It can get tedious at times because I have to repeat the same thing four times in the day to my 10th graders, but it stays interesting because each class is pretty different. It helps that I like what I teach and I love the age I teach. Plus, my seniors this year are the best group and I know it's going to be a great year. Right now my sophomores are working on Native American literature- we're reading various myths and they'll be writing their own origin ("how something came to be") myth next week. My seniors are currently working on a propaganda in the media unit which is really interesting, especially in light of the past couple of years in politics. So, overall good times.

Outside of work life is just peachy. I've been a busy lady recently because I've been preparing for this year teaching and also working out a ton and spending time with Hank the past couple of days. I am ecstatic that he is home of course. I know Madeline is so glad her Dad is home because whenever he's gone for awhile she gets just a little depressed. Now she has someone to walk her during the day and play with her while I'm at work! Speaking of walking her, when I was at Em's in NY in July, Salsa had the best little harness, by a company called Puppia. Do any of you have any experience with their harnesses? I am thinking I am going to switch over and get her one of these, it looked very comfy for a pup and its cute too.

So tomorrow is Friday! I am so excited. Hank and I have a really fun weekend planned, a couple of movies to check off our "must watch" list, and I have couple of books I am intent on finishing.

Here are my work outfits from the last three days :).

Wednesday - this outfit was NOT a good choice. The AC at school went out, and my classroom was sweltering. I had on way too many layers and I wanted to die. Luckily both my tank and dress were sleeveless but it was still bad.
Day 7

Thursday- I ended up wearing light colored tights under this, it was a tad too short. And if you're curious, I gauge my length based on the school dress code just to be safe!
Day 8

Today- I just realized I never include my shoes in my outfit photos because I'm usually barefoot until the last second. I'll try to remember to include them. And I spy a little Madeline!
Day 9


  1. hi danielle! so i feel totally weird because i've been blog-stalking you, but i want to introduce myself and say that i think you are truly adorable! your attitude is amazing and i appreciate your positivity. plus you dress quite cute so i think that if one can judge a person on wardrobe alone, we'd get along swimmingly.

    thanks for the entertainment and peak into your life.

    ps my blog is totally boring but i'm working on it.

  2. anji,

    so nice to meet you. you shouldn't feel weird at all! i'm so happy you find my blog interesting enough to read. your compliments really made my night too, so thank you! i am going to add you blog. it's so nice to meet you and i look forward to talking more with you, especially since you used the word swimmingly. ha.