Monday, August 3, 2009

What a weekend!

I am so exhausted today, but luckily my first day back to school isn't until tomorrow. Hank and I have been staying up way too late lately, last night we went to bed at 3:30am! I hate doing that but I guess we are both trying to drag out this summer as much as possible. This weekend was great though. On Friday night one of my dear friends Erin came up to Prescott for a short visit and some girl talk with Amber and me, so we spent the evening walking around downtown and eventually made our way over to the skate shop to watch Hour of the Wolf play a set. Afterward we all went over to get late night pizza and I ended up trying a new combo- pineapple and good! It was a really fun night though, and it was the first time I had gone to a show at the the new was an awesome space and tons of room. It's part of the local skate shop so it's right in the heart of downtown with lots of parking and no residential areas in the immediate area, and right across from our vegan-friendly pizza place that's open 'til 3am. Awesome. So it's super exciting for us to have a solid all ages venue now, run by friends. Very cool. I didn't take many photos this weekend, but here is one I took of Amber that I absolutely love, I think it's my favorite picture of her of all time. I love the lighting.

Amber, walking downtown Saturday night

Here's me Friday night as well.
Friday night

Saturday I slept in way too late- almost embarrassingly late and woke up in the late afternoon, having wasted my entire day. I felt totally rested though, which was nice...but I hate doing that. I worked on the house while Hank finished up work, then got a good workout in and came home to Hugo's waiting for me. I know I talk about Hugo's all the time, and it's by far my favorite restaurant in Prescott. It's great because their ingredients are all really fresh, they use vegan beans and tortillas, and their guacamole is to die for. I could eat there everyday and be happy, seriously. It's a local, family-run little hole in the wall place that Hank's been going there since he was little and when he first took me there back in 2004 it quickly became my fave place too. So anyway, I came home to a wonderful meal and I ended up just watching movies while Hank and Matt hung out all night.

Yesterday we woke up late again and enjoyed our usual lazy Sunday. I watched "Gigantic," a movie starring Zooey Deschanel and I enjoyed it. It was very similar role she played in 500 Days of Summer, but the story was a lot different. It was a strange movie, but overall I thought it was worth seeing. It's currently on Netflix Instant Watch so I suggest giving it a go if you have time. After that Hank and I went over to his Mom's for a BBQ which was a lot of fun. Afterward we strolled around downtown and then went to see "Funny People." I loved the movie, although at times I thought it could have been edited better. It was quite long and I felt that some parts were a little unecessary, but I absolutely loved the storyline. I have such a nerd crush on Seth Rogan though, so two and a half hours watching him is always time well spent. The movie raised some interesting thoughts on life and death though, and I left feeling inspired and happy.

This guessed it...we woke up late yet again. This is my last morning of doing this, because like I mentioned earlier, I go back to work tomorrow. I have a few errands to do today between going back to work and Hank leaving on tour. Laundry, a short to-do and to-buy list, and organizing our bathroom closet. FUN I know.

So it was a great "last" weekend, capping off one of the most amazing summers I've had in a long time! Now let the busy-ness begins! Let me break down even how busy Hank is, it's seriously INSANE. Currently he's is trying to finish up his solo EP so he can release it within the next two months. I am not just saying this because I have to, but it is truly amazing. Very heavy, kind of ISIS-esque. He played every instrument on the recording and will be recording his vocals within the next few weeks. He's still putting together the actual live band, and so far Pat is playing drums. It's going to be really awesome, and I'm stoked that something he has been doing forever is finally coming into fruition. He's also more than likely going to be playing bass in Hot Skin, continuing to be in HOTW of course, and continuing to play drums in the new band from California. That last band is definitely an interesting mix of dudes, so I'm interested to see how the recording from last month ends up sounding like- it's more of a pop punk type of project. It's on hold now while one of the guys in on a huge tour with his band so that will be a bit longer in the works. He's also doing 18 credits of undergrad business classes and working at the funeral home and the salon when he's not on tour. He's leaving for tour in two days and then again in October for a full US tour. AHHH absolute craziness. I didn't even realize how crazy it was until I typed it all out and now I feel a little stressed!

And as for me...haha, I don't have much going on besides my usual teaching stuff, but I will be traveling a lot this year which I am excited about. We are hoping to adopt another puppy (a Boston baby) sometime soon so that will definitely keep me busy also. I'm looking forward to getting back to a routine of working out. I have been keeping it up the whole summer, but not to my normal level and I can feel it/see it, so I'm happy I will be able to do my thing, which always keeps me the happiest. I feel really fortunate I work with some of my closest friends, so thinking about going back to work is exciting because I get to spend everyday with them again, laugh so much, and have a great time.

One thing I am bumming about though is Amber moving away in three short days. We've spent the summer having the best time, and it's going to be a total bummer when my partner in crime is alllll the way in Santa Barbara. She has been in San Francisco for the past few years too, but we got totally spoiled this summer with her living at home, so now it's going to be a little transition after being so used to hanging out whenever we want. I am so excited for her though, and so excited to visit her in her college world!'s to positivity and here's to a new school year! Let the fun begin! ;)


  1. Have a great first day of school tomorrow! I cant believe you go back already. I forgot the kids start much earlier out there.

    Also im curious to hear Hank's solo project. Im a fan of Isis and would love to hear it!

  2. "late night pizza"- one of my favourite things ever!
    where are you going to school?