Thursday, September 10, 2009

2 quick, highly embarrassing things -

So, over the past two days I somehow have been in really embarrassing situations in the classroom and I thought I would share before the weekend gets here and all is lost.

Yesterday I was with my Seniors, talking about how much I love dictionaries and how neat they are! I went on and on about how you can just open it randomly, point to any word, and then own the word all day, use it a million times, and make it yours! So as a demonstration, I flip through the huge book, and as I am going to point at a random word I say, "This will be my word all day long, I will use it as much as possible until it is a part of my regular vocabulary!" and I point to... "shit-stirrer!!!" I said, "Hmm, let me pick another word, this one just won't do." And then I tried to be smooth and move my finger away but one of my little angels was right there and made sure to share my pick with my 39 other kiddies. They just about died laughing, and it was just funny to me because out of all the words I could have chose, I pointed to that one. Of course! Jeez.

So then today, in the same class, we all head over to the computer lab so my kids can research their Senor papers. I walk in, and get my computer ready to show the class more about a Works Cited program we have, kids are crowding around my computer, I turn it on...and someone had put the desktop background to a nude, pornographic photo of a man stretched out on the ground like a cat, with his butt stuck way up in the air. His mouth was even open like he was saying "MEOW!" and he was so hairy and SO gross and so horrible and then the stupid computer froze! I was in such shock I didn't even think to turn off the monitor, and instead trying to cover up the bad parts with my hands. The kids were absolutely dying with laughter again and I was laughing so hard, but it really was bad because this photo was the stuff of nightmares. The dude even had a mullet. *shudder* I had to report this of course, because of the nature of the incident, and writing it up was very awkward!

So yeah, embarrassing moments in the classroom for sure. Things like this happen a lot (well, not nude men on the computer, but funny strange incidences), so I will try to remember to share them when they happen, either to me or my teacher comrades! And on that's to tomorrow being nice and normal! TGI(almost)F! :)

Goodnight friends!


  1. What better way to make a connection with your new shit-stirring students than giving them a glimpse into your gay, mullet porn collection?

    At least it's all out there now. :)

  2. oh my gosh! you poor thing! haha, i would've handled the situations the same way! that's so funny! when i was in school, nothing like that EVER happened to my teachers, i felt like their days were perfect with students haha, obviously..i'm wrong!