Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Best night

Last night was truly one of the best nights I've ever had. The Gaslight Anthem is by far my favorite band, and last night was the very first time I'd ever seen them live. I've been looking forward to this show forever, and when the day finally came Hank said he hadn't seen me that excited in a long time. It was almost ridiculous! We left early in the afternoon and headed down to my parents' house so we could relax a bit and get ready. We decided to do Green for dinner and it was delicious at usual. I'm not really into the processed mock meats, but I do love their Green burger and that's what I usually order. Yum. After dinner we headed over the Martini Ranch, where the show was. We met our dear friends Beth and Brett there, and soon after we arrived Erin got there. There were three bands on the bill- The Loved Ones, Murder by Death, and The Gaslight Anthem. The Loved Ones were awesome, but my real kudos has to go to Murder by Death. I have never seen them live and was blown away. Amazing music, and the singer's voice was so beautiful! So we listened to both bands, and finally TGA was up. The girls and I started on the 2nd floor, right at the railing so we could overlook the whole venue, but although it was an awesome spot, after about three songs we headed down the floor and ended up right up front. It was hands down the most amazing show I've ever been to. I never freak out over bands and only a few musicians/bands really elicit that kind of emotional response from me- Converge being a huge one- so it made me feel so alive that seeing them live affected me in such a way. I sang along so loud to every song and had the best time dancing and being silly with my friends. It was the best night!

We left pretty late and drove back up to Prescott, getting home well after 3:30am. I had to wake up around 6:45am so as you can imagine, it was a rough morning. However, I was still in the afterglow of such an amazing night that I still feel awake and it's 5:30! Awesome.

Right now I have a bunch of things to do around the house so I need to log offline for now. I may post again later. Love you blogger friends- here are some photos from last night...

Hank and I before dinner, I swear I am getting smaller and smaller. Look how much taller Hank is than me. Is it possible to shrink at age 27? :(
I think I'm shrinking!

car ride, wearing my H necklace for Hank!
car photo!

tired and adorable Hank at Green
adorable and tired, at Green

gotta love the Little Black Dress!

Murder by Death
Murder by Death

Erin, Hank, and Brett!
great friends, good times!

I love Erin!

our view before we moved down to the floor
The Gaslight Anthem, before we moved down to the floor

Brian Fallon, you can sing for me anytime! ;)


  1. LOVE murder by death. that must have been amazing live. and i've only heard some songs by the gaslight anthem, but they sound good so far :)

  2. Gaslight Anthem is my favorite band and I was definitely at that show. it was amazing. I'm incredibly jealous of the picture with you and Brian Fallon. Gahh! :)