Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Busy bee

I haven't been doing the best job of blogging, and it's because I've been so darn busy lately. It's insane. Now if you know Hank and I, you know that we've moved way too many times to count since I've moved up here to Prescott. Once the landlord sold the property, twice because we had roommates default on us, and now because this old house can't stay cool enough or warm enough for Madeline (and me!). Last winter there were nights I had to sleep with 9 blankets on our bed to stay warm and Madeline stayed under those covers the entire time we were at work the entire winter. Not good. So, we are working towards buying our first place, and we said that if we could find a new place for the same (and very cheap) rent we pay now, awesome. Our current place is adorable with tons of charm, but has many, many downfalls to it. One, there is no washer/dryer which drives me insane. We have only one bedroom, one weird bathroom, no ac, heat only in the kitchen...I could go on. But like I said, I do love living here- it's right downtown and so cute. We also had to move within a short amount of time and it was the best we could find. So, like I wrote up there, I said if we could find a better place that had all the things we're lacking, plus space for Madeline to run and play, we'd move for the last time. Well...we found the most awesome place in the whole world two days ago, and already moved in a little bit. It kind of fell into our laps, and all happened in one day. It's still downtown, actually a lot more downtown because now we are less than a block from the square and I am soo excited about the location. It's an old Victorian that was completely redone- all new everything but they kept the actual architectural stuff in tact. There's beautiful crown molding, original wood floors in the living room, really nice carpet in the bedrooms, a fenced front yard, porch off the master bedroom, another bedroom and a cute full bath. It's the perfect rental place for us, and once we get it all set up I'll take some photos. I'm really, really weird because in most places we've lived I haven't cared enough to really make it our "own," I don't decorate a lot or get into it because I hate renting places and never want to make it permanent. But this place is great and I promised myself I would actually put some of my personal style into it and make it a home. I figure we will be here for at least a year or two before we purchase our first place so why not just make it the way we want and actually hang all our art and prints. I'm excited to get started this weekend!

Other than that, there's not too much going on besides being super busy with school, grading, and all that good stuff. There's lots of exciting things on the horizon so I just need to stay focused, stay positive.

That's it for now, I'll make a picture post soon.



  1. oh wow, seems like our lives are very similar! i am in pretty much the same situation. we don't own, we just rent, and we will be leaving this house when our lease is up nov 1st. so in october, i'm gonna have to bust ass to find us a new place to live. ugh! the first house we lived in after we were married, and i moved to nc, was really cute. we loved it, big fenced back yard, washer/dryer, 2 full baths. but it was too small, and we moved out a few months before malcolm was born. looking for a new place was awful. everything was too small, or really run down, or had a bad yard. we finally settled on a nice big older house, but it has the worst yard, and we had to buy a washer & dryer for it. so here's hoping that i can find one a bit newer/nicer and with an actual lawn! it gives me hope that you had such luck finding your new place. (sorry for the long comment) <3

  2. Wow! So much has happened in just a few days!

    i'm excited that you found a place that Madeline will love!

    see you soon!

  3. Congrats! And less than a block from the square? That's something you don't find every day! Makes me think Cortez street.

  4. So happy for you! I've always wanted to live in an old Victorian. *sigh* You're living my dream.

  5. congratulations sister-i'm so happy for you!!!

  6. Thank you everyone! :)

    And Lauren (not my sister Lauren! haha)- don't apologize for long comments I loove them!! Also, good luck on the house hunt! I will keep my fingers crossed!