Monday, September 7, 2009

first Monday night in the new house!

I am kind of, sort of stealing internet from some unknown source. It's a super weak, one-bar signal so this tiny little photobooth photo took about five minutes to upload. Our internet gets hooked up tomorrow morning which I am very happy about! I absolutely love the internet, and I definitely feel it enriches my life in a way...I love keeping in touch with friends, reading blogs, etc. I do feel the 'net is a great thing, as long as it's not substituted for real "person to person" communication, which I think is common problem in the world- I see it a lot with the kids I teach, but that's another topic for another day! Anyway, blogs have sort of become my morning newspaper- not that I've ever been a morning newspaper kinda gal, but since Hank is always, always asleep when I wake up super early, I usually eat a big breakfast while I catch up on the million blogs I subscribe to via blogspot and Google Reader<3.

Right now I'm currently in our new place, which is such a breath of fresh air. Our guest room will be up and running as soon as our futon arrives tomorrow, so all out of town visitors are welcome to come spend a weekend with us as soon as you'd like! (sidenote: I really don't like futons but with Hank using this room as an office as well, it's the most efficient use of I can't complain!). Hank also informed me today that our good friends Ben and Kati are coming up in a couple of weeks and besides my sister this weekend, they will be our first "official" house guests, minus family. I am so excited to see them! One of our friends Tyler should also be here towards the end of the month- he comes to Prescott to tattoo one-two times a year, and this year he will finally have his own room when he arrives which will be great for him! :)

So, this weekend was awesome. I spent most of it laying quite low, sleeping in, working out, and relaxing. On Saturday we went and saw "Inglourious Basterds" and it was SO SO GOOD. I loved it. I typically really dislike gruesome, violent films but this one was amazing. The only issue was that we went to the late showing, and the movie turned out to be what felt like three hours (the internet is too slow for me to look up the actual time)...but all I know is I had to really struggle to stay awake, no fault of the film. Great weekend, and I'm happy that this week will be a short week. Today Hank and I had the best day- we spent a lot of time doing stuff around the house and hanging prints/paintings. We had to run over to Micheal's to pick up some wire and while there I came across so much Halloween stuff and got super excited. I love love love Halloween and I can't wait to watch Hocus Pocus a million times with Hank. So stoked. I also went into school today and "labored" on Labor Day- what a great teacher I am! ;) But really, if I don't plan my week ahead of time I feel completely out of sorts when I arrive Monday (or in this case, Tuesday) morning.

Speaking of mornings, I want to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow (very weird expression! hah) so off to bed I go! Goodnight friends. <3


  1. i went into target last week & was so excited to see halloween stuff out on shelves! & i love that you mentioned "hocus pocus"; i have to obsessively watch that movie every october!

    have a great week :)

  2. is it tyler densley? and i really want to see that movie bad (i have a special disliking in my heart for nazi's -but that's a whole other story- i really want to see some get killed, haha). i'm loving all the halloween everywhere already too!

  3. Yay new house! <3
    Yay for T.D having a futon to use.
    Is halloween going to be a visit here?
    Love you bunches.

  4. Jessica- thank you! I am so happy you love Hocus Pocus too, it's the best movie. Ever!

    Lauren- yes, it's Tyler D. He is one of Hank's best friends. :) And I hate Nazis too and I enjoyed watching them get slaughtered, as weird as that sounds! haha

    Amber Joy- I HOPE Halloween I am there, bug Adie about it! Love you too!

  5. oh, rad! tyler is a good egg. i've known his family for yeeeaars! i was really good friends with his older sister niki for a long time. how awesome that you guys know him too. <3