Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday night

After we opened our amazing presents from Alex, Hank had two shows to play downtown. He is now playing bass in Hot Skin, so they played an all-ages show at Calavera (I love that venue so much) and then a 21+ show at Sundance's.

But let me rewind for a moment since I haven't really posted very much this week! The past few days have been a treat. The weather has been to die for, my students have been in the best moods (two weeks until Fall Break, so of course they are!), and I've spent quite a bit of time with both Hank and friends. I posted about Thursday two entries back, but after work I went and had a peel on my face and I am currently paying for it with the entire first layer of my facial skin peeling off. It's so gross but it really does wonders for my skin. I love my dermatologist, he's more of a cosmetic derm so everything he does is on the spa side, but is covered by insurance. I get peels because I have some scarring on my face from past breakouts. Nothing major at all, but since I'm so pale if I ever get a zit it will leave a faint red dot, which I hate. The peels are totally getting rid of them and I couldn't be happier. Plus, they make my skin feel really nice and glowy. So that was Thursday. On Friday after work Robyn and I took a horribly/wonderfully hard spin class called TGISpin. It's really, really cheesy and they put on party music and disco lights the whole time. Let me tell you, nothing can make that class fun. It's torture, but in a good way I guess. Following class I went over to Calavera to watch Hank play his first show with Hot Skin, then home for a bit, then over to Sundance's. The rest of the night was spent running around downtown, being silly with friends, singing along to Billy Joel songs at the piano bar, running into a million people we knew, and just having a grand ole time. I woke up this morning and headed down to Phoenix so Rhonda could do my hair and I was so happy to spend time with her catching up. It was the highlight of my day! I was going to stay down in Mesa for the evening and go out with my sister, Suki, and friends, but I started to feel a little blah when I got home and decided it would probably be best if I just came back up here and laid low. I'm already feeling better and I'm so, so glad I decided to take it easy. Right now Hank and Matt are having a little sleepover, which is hilarious. I'm talking PJ pants, candy in bowls, and SNL-watching. It's cracking me up. So that's today. And tomorrow, wonderful Sunday, will either be a jam-packed day, or a relaxing day, depending on how I feel. Ideally Hank and I will take Madeline down to Dogtober Fest, which is a big party for dogs down on the Square. Then my friend Tim from CA, who is working the Raw Spirit Vegan Festival that's touring through town this weekend will be coming over to hang out for an hour or two. I'm really looking forward to catching up with him. Then gym, classroom time, and sleep! If I feel shitty though, I'll just see rest all day. Here's to feeling well! I'll leave you with some photos -

my nails are STILL perfect, a week later! I love this polish...and stay posted for a giveaway that I'll post tomorrow that has soooomething to do with this! ;)
Three days later, still perfect. Awesome nail polish!

Madeline suckling her bed as she naps, it's very weird and very cute!
This is how Madeline sleeps

Hank tuning his bass at Calavera

playing at Sundance's later in the evening
Hot Skin

Robyn (she teaches across the hall from me!) and her friend Jordan
Friday night


Friday night


downtown banjo player
downtown banjo player

Robyn and the piano man
singing along

end of the night...
thinking about starting a Project 365

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  1. AWWWW...YOU were the highlight of my day too!
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