Sunday, September 13, 2009

Las Vegas

Lauren and I went to Las Vegas last night to spend an evening with Brooke and her friends, celebrating Brooke's 21st birthday. They had already been up there since Thursday, but Laur and I only wanted to do a night. It was a good time, although I am sick of Las Vegas and it seems to get dirtier and grosser every time I come back. I do love to dance though, and it's fun to be able to stay out all night doing just that! Lauren and I ended up being insane and leaving at a crazy early time this morning and made it back to Prescott around 10am which I loved! What I didn't love was driving home on no sleep and JUST waking up now from a long long nap, at 6pm...I hope I can sleep tonight!

I spend a lot of time with my sister, and again I was reminded of how lucky I am to call her my best friend. I had a blast with her, on both the drive and in LV.

Tomorrow starts a new week, and I have some serious goals to accomplish. It's a new start, in a few different ways, and I'm looking forward to it and feeling very inspired. Next weekend Hank plays his first show with Hot Skin, our friends Ben and Kati visit, and I will be spending Saturday with Shirley, Erin, and Autumn and family in Phoenix. I love having another fun weekend to look forward to.

Here are some photos-

Brooke, Lauren, and me
sister-in-law, sister, me



in Brooke's room

downstairs playing the HAMBURGER slot machine <3

I love her.



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  1. so cute! i am so happy we got to hang out this weekend-i had so much fun with you! mlmlml