Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lovely Sunday

Today was Dogtober Fest, so once we were up and at 'em, we headed downtown with Madeline. My old friend Tim was in town with the Raw Spirit Vegan festival that took place this weekend, so Hank and I got to spend the afternoon with him, which was awesome. I've been friends with Tim for many, many years and it's always good to reconnect with him and catch up. I first met him when his band played in Phoenix about 5 years ago maybe and we've kept in touch, on and off, ever since. He's a great guy.

So anyway, downtown was super crowded, but the best kind of crowded- puppies and dogs everywhere! Big dogs, small dogs, fluffy dogs, dogs with hats, dogs with boots, seriously millions of dogs! Madeline loves people and pups, so she was in heaven.

Since Tim was working at the vegan fest he brought some awesome, delicious food with him to share with us, and I have to make note of the raw, vegan chocolate mousse pie he brought. It was one of the best pieces of pie I've ever had in my life and I was completely blown away by it. It came from a raw "bakery" in Sedona and I can't wait to take a weekend trip with Hank over there and enjoy some more.

While downtown we ran into various friends and their dogs, so it was a very fun day and the weather was to die for! Seriously perfection.

Here are some photos:

walking down our street
afternoon walk

my feet in the green, green grass in our front yard
green grass in our front yard

happy Madeline!
Happy Madeline!

Robyn and Bodhi
Robyn and Bodhi

Dogtober Fest, downtown Prescott


Madeline loves vegan food

beautiful, beautiful day
picture perfect day

Tim and Hank
Tim and Hank

Tim and Ashley's dog, Nipper - "his name makes me nervous..."
Tim and Ashley's dog, Nipper

regal Maddie

Dad? Pick me up?

Greyhounds that need rescuing, they were so beautiful!
Greyhounds for adoption/rescue

THE pie!

Amazing pie, happy me!
See? Delicious pie, happy me!

Tim and me :) :)
my dear friend Tim and me

Madeline and Mom

a little closer, I can't decide which one I like better :)
adorable little pup

family photo
family photo

Afterward we came back home and Robyn and I hit the gym, I did some grocery shopping, edited HOTW's new album's lyrics, and now I am here in bed, thinking about going to sleep! I'm very excited for this week, for no reason in particular but I feel it will be a good one!

Happy Sunday night everyone! And don't forget to enter my nail polish giveaway below. xoxo

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  1. omg! my best friends dog is named Bodhi too! Is your friend Robyn a Point Break fan?? xo