Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hank and I have this wonderful friend Alex, who lives in San Francisco. Here's a photo of Alex and Hank at Comic Con this year so you have a visual:

Happy Friendship Anniversary, you two!

Anyway, the great Alex was kind enough to send us the most amazing housewarming gifts and I just had to share. He sent Hank an unpainted Mummy Boy toy and me TWO Vampire Rose figures, one unpainted and one painted. When I first saw the VR sculpt at SDCC this past summer I just about died from cuteness overload. I am not into toys whatsoever but I loved these little sweeties so, so much...they combine two of my favorite things- vampires and roses! How awesome. So anyway, Alex went ahead and sent these little gems to me and I couldn't be happier, and feel more grateful! THANK YOU ALEX! We can't wait for your visit next month. Here are some photos:

Alex sent me gifts!

Vampire Rose

Alex sent Hank a gift!

from our wonderful friend <3

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