Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Slowly but surely setting up our living room!

Today was so awesome! I am grinning ear to ear right now because I just got to video chat with Adie and I am so happy. She just got a Macbook and we did good ole IChat. It made me so, so happy to talk with her. Hopefully we will both be heading to Santa Barbara soon to spend a long weekend with Amber, and I can't wait.

Work today was really, really great for some reason. All of my kids seemed to really be interested in my lesson and my heart felt really full all day. I know that sounds silly but sometimes I have days like this where I just feel like I am doing exactly the right thing with my life and all is as it should be in my little world. It's a great emotion. So, yes school was satisfying and overall a wonderful day. After work I headed to a dinner party celebrating Brooke's birthday and ate way too much, hence me laying in bed now instead of working out at the gym. Yuck. I feel gross and I will hopefully find the motivation to get up and go running when I conclude this entry. We'll see though.

Tomorrow is a half day, I have lunch plans with Jennifer and then dinner over at Jean's house. Busy busy. Oh, this picture I included is a photo I took last night but couldn't upload on that crappy, stolen signal. Now we are officially hooked up here which is awesome. I took that photo as we were getting our living room put together. It shows about half of the room, to my left in the mirror is our couch and a big window. We still have a lot more to hang and organize, and I also need to get another couch for the other wall, but it's coming together slowly but surely, and I'm loving it.

So, now I guess I'll head to the gym...begrudgingly, but I know I'll feel great when I'm done. Another plus is that I almost said, Happy Monday, but then realized that it is in fact Tuesday. Awesome.