Sunday, October 18, 2009


Here are my two freshly finished, unhealed and slightly swollen tattoos.

finished side piece - don't mind my weird sports bra lines, food baby (mmm Subway!), or my arm up there! haha

freshly done, unhealed, finished rib panel! fresh and still swollen...ow

And here is my thigh. If you've been following my blog for awhile, you may remember that this is the tattoo my baby sister and I got together! Mine says "Tea for Two" and hers says "Two for Tea." :)

freshly done, unhealed, finished thigh piece

Here it is before it was finished...
Teacup tattoo- session two freshly done, one session to go!

and here are my sister and mine, a few months ago, still in the process of completion. Lauren is on the left! :)
Tea for two, tea for two!


  1. i ADORE the detail in the cups!!! That tattoo rocks.

  2. Beautiful pieces :)

    I have been itching so badly for some new ink! Only wish I had the extra cash to do so.

  3. You're tats are absolutely beautiful. I really wish, I could get away with more tatoos, but it just really doesn't suit me. I have two small ones, and planning for a third but defitnately not on your status.
    Love the "Sisters Tea" ideas. My sis and I have matching stars on our feet. Getting them together was an amazing bonding experience.

  4. SIIICK! Love it.

  5. Awesome tattoos. The detail on the cups is wicked. I love the idea of having a matching tattoo with your sister. Its a really nice idea.

  6. Looking awesome! Your artist is really talented and you have great ideas for your pieces! xo

  7. both of those tattoos are gorgeous!!
    You have a very talented artist. Makes me want to finish my sleeve soooo bad! Gotta wait for baby to come. :)

  8. these really are so beautiful. it's nice to see someone with large high-quality pieces. there is just so much crap out there, you know? do you have just one artist who has done all of your work? he has done a great job. <3

  9. I am getting a rib piece done by Cory as well but it hurts sooo much. I still have several hours of work left on it and its been about a year since I sat last (eeek!). I doubt Cory even remembers me at this point! How long were your sittings on your ribs? I need some inspiration!

  10. it looks like you had a much more fabulous weekend than my own! ha ha, i spent it studying for finals. ughhh.
    lovely blog, by the way!