Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Giveaway time!

Alright so for this next giveaway I'm doing something a little special- giving away a limited edition Wolf Brothers t-shirt!

From their website:

This year we are bringing you "The Rise of the Horribles" design available on black American Apparel t-shirts. The shirts are a limited edition of 31 and will never be re-printed again. This design marks a sneak peak of what lies ahead for the Ghost `Kin and his Horribles. The shirt comes bagged with a header card hand numbered by The Wolf Brothers. By purchasing a shirt you are also entered into a Halloween raffle. Take good care of your header card, it will come in handy for our little surprise!

You may be wondering- what/who the heck are The Wolf Brothers? Well, they are my husband Hank and our dear friend Lance. For years they've been doing amazing design work for bands and companies (you can see some of their stuff in Hot Topic, haha). Each Halloween they do a very, very limited edition shirt and print that sells out within the first day or two. This year they are doing releases every other month, beginning with this one for October, featuring Lance's amazing art skills. I thought it would be neat to offer one of their tee shirts as my next giveaway, since it's super spooky and I know a lot of you would probably enjoy owning something that no one else has.

Hank's design company's October release

print/shirt design

So, here's how this one is going to work.

To enter your name into the drawing once, all you have to do is leave a comment here with your name, email address, and your favorite Halloween memory! Anonymous commenters, feel free to enter too, just be sure you include your name and email.

To be entered TWICE, and have double the chance of winning, all you have to do is mention this giveaway in your blog or twitter, linking back to this blog entry. Then post a comment right here linking me to that blog entry or tweet! Also please be sure to include your email address.

Oh and by the way, the shirt is a size medium, printed on an American Apparel brand tee.

I will pick a name one week from today, Wednesday, October 21st.

Good luck! :)


  1. Amber, you know my email! I am entered...tell Hank.
    Everyone else enter too!!

  2. know my email, too. Count me as ENTERED!!!

  3. My favorite Halloween memory comes from October of 2006. It was right after my boyfriend and I started dating, and we had a Halloween/birthday party/show/dance party at the coffee shop that he worked at. I got to wear this amazing 80's fushia dress that I got at the D.I., and my boyfriend was dressed as a clown (I HATE clowns!). We had such a good time dancing, laughing, and hanging out with all of our friends dressed in amazing costumes! It was a great way to start our relationship :]

    Chelsea Brown!

  4. I tweeted about your amazing giveaway as well!

  5. OMG. I love this shirt. I must have it.

    so here is my favorite memory. The last year I was in PA, my friends threw their annual Halloween party. I made such a cool Annie costume. I lived at the house at the time, so I started drinking early and heavily. about halfway through the party I had to stumble up to my bedroom and began spewing in my toilet. I vomited so hard I ripped the zipper out of my dress. My buddy Mike came up to take a pic-in it I look like a hot mess. I slept on the floor, head on the commode seat all night. I missed half the party. I hear it was a great one. :) It may not be the best memory, but it was funny, especially for everyone else that wasn't me.

    Robyn Bryce

  6. my favorite halloween memory was about 4 years ago. my cousin and i decided to scare some kids. we dressed up like scarecrows and sat/laid near the door in the middle of all the decorations and would just pop up and scream to scare anyone who came up. we tried not to scare the little kids though that's just cruel haha and it's more hilarious when it's teenagers who think theyre cool shit. anyway this shirt/giveaway is awesome. i posted on my tumblr.

  7. fav halloween memory has to be 98 my 1st punk show in prescott and the members of bueno and i dressed up as babies we had on adult diapers on and i got to shut toilet paper from this homemade toilet paper gun made out of a leave blower. i also road a weight lose machine at the same time. it is a night i will never forget. after that night i was hooked to going to shows and have not stop going since.



  9. The shirt is so cool!!!

    My favorite Halloween memory has to be my last one! I made my costume super early, and was the Paper Bag Princess from the Robert Munsch book. I was super obsessed with this books when I was a kid, and still am. I dressed up for school and then I went to work! It was fun to be working retail and selling clothes with dirt all over my face and as a paper bag princess! The looks on peoples faces were great and I super enjoyed myself :)


  10. I tweeted about your giveaway too :)

  11. hand it over girrrl! i got to see that design in person and it was AMAZING!

  12. My favorite Halloween memory gets to happen every friend Stephanie throws a Halloween party and we all go to a pumpkin patch and take a hayride, pick out pumpkins, drink cider and eat popcorn. Then we go back to her place and she makes us some amazing pasta and we all hang out for a bit before going to a haunted house/trail/bus ride. It so nice spending the whole day with so many of your close friends!!


  13. (i hope this posts as comment 13!)

    i love halloween so much, and it is really hard to choose my favorite memory of it. when i was a kid, my mom went all out for the holiday. she always made all of our costumes by hand and they were always amazing! we were raised mormon, so we always dressed up as a family for the church halloween party. one year we all dressed up as alfred e. newman (mad magazine), complete with a blacked out tooth and all. my folks have a framed photograph of all of us on their wall at home. pretty freakin' hilarious.

    anyways, this shirt is rad. thanks for the opportunity.

    lauren hart

  14. Kristy

    My friend and I spent all day making costumes and then when we were trick or treating it starting snowing like crazy and our costumes were ruined so we ran to my house and poked holes in my old 101 Dalmatian sheets and went out again as ghosts. :)

  15. My absolute favourite Halloween time was when I was around 8/10 years old. My Dad had organised the evening in advance --- we had to make our way though the local wood - no torches allowed - looking for the pumpkins/ food and drink that he stashed away.

    It took us almost an hour of frantic searching - getting scared in the process - and then leaping for joy when we found the stash..

  16. How fun! I didn't know you did giveaways ^^

    Anyways, of course, my absolute favourite Halloween memory is from last year. Me and all of my guy friends did two costumes, both as groups. The first one: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The catch? I, as Snow White, had my lovely dwarfs who were all at least a foot taller than me! The second costume set (yes, we changed halfway through the night!) was a Resident Evil 4 theme. We all dressed as characters from the game and ran around town role playing. Wonderful.

    So, Danielle, my email is:

    and I absolutely love, love, love that shirt!

  17. I'm entering!!

    I'm leaving for 2 months on Sunday, but please hold it for me if I win!

  18. PS I twatted!

  19. P.S.S

    Favorite Halloween Memory: Costume show at Kendalls house a few years back in 06'? Everyone dressed up and had a great time. I will never forget that Halloween.

  20. The best halloween I've had in my adult life has to be back in maybe 2003 or 2004 when I got really sick and had to stay home. I love going out but since I had to stay home I got to pass out candy and see sooo many cute kids in halloween costumes. They were all so thankful and polite it was just a really fun experience. Especially some of the much younger ones that shouted what they were supposed to be. Ha.
    Anyways interested in wining this shirt!

  21. Chase Wilson

    When I was really young, I think around 2 or 3, my mother decided to put me in a little red dress and take me out for Halloween. So when she took me to neighbors doors they would ask, "What are you supposed to be little girl?" Which was fallowed with my mother's, "That's my son!"

    Although I don't remember it, I do have a picture somewhere back home of me in the dress and a little orange pumpkin bucket.

  22. Emma Leigh Bradshaw

    My favorite halloween memory was from 2007. I worked at a local haunted house. I was a demented Dorothy (wizard of oz gone wrong). Anyways, One evening while I was working I jumped out from behind a prop and screamed, the grown man that I was scaring screamed super loud, which startled me, and I screamed and took off running. It was just super funny because I was the one suppose to be doing the scaring, and I got scared.

  23. Breanna

    my favorite halloween memory was a few years ago when i had just broken up with my boyfriend, so my friends took me out to a haunted house to cheer me up. i'm terrified of chainsaws, and just as we're walking up, a guy starts to chase me with a chainsaw and i run out into the street and almost got hit by a car to get away from him. he ended up chasing me all the way down the block. it was terrifying, but hilarious.

  24. i also blogged about your giveaway!!!

  25. marisa -

    my favorite memory is from last year while starting a tradition with my boyfriend. we spent the night in, carving pumpkins, and roasting seeds. we want to do it every year and keep traditions for our kids and grandkids <3

  26. My favorite Halloween memory was when I was 16. I went to a huge Halloween costume ball in Chicago with my brother (who was really a homeless punk rock boy that my family took in.) It was one of the last times that we were able to hang out and connect before he left the house and I have never heard from him again. I love Halloween so much and I love my brother so much too- I only have great memories around October (though it is slightly sad too...)
    Either way- yay for Halloween!


    courtney_bruesch -at-

  27. Kirsty

    My favourite memory is holding my 1st halloween party last year with my best friend. Halloween is finally starting to get big over here in the UK so we held a party! I was dressed as a honey bee but ended the party with being in hospital due to snapping ligaments in my ankle. I couldnt walk for a month. It made it very memorable to say the least!


  28. I tweeted too :)


  29. My favourite Halloween memory was when I was 6 years old. My costume was a bride, and my mother cut up her wedding dress and sewed it into a mini version for me. I felt so special in my costume :)


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