Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

In celebration of October I baked fall-themed cupcakes for one of my classes tomorrow. I am just so excited about the season finally being here. This weekend Hank and I have big autumn plans- pumpkin patch, tons of apple cider, hay rides, and then carving our chosen pumpkin and roasted the seeds. I am so excited! Growing up my parents always took up to pick out pumpkins and some of my fondest memories involve Halloween and all of the fun activities. I can't wait to have little ones of our own to make memories with, but for now Hank and my little family of two can start on that.

Speaking of little ones, last night I had this insane dream that I gave birth (15 minutes of labor haha) and a baby just slid right could already talk and was so beautiful. It looked at Hank and me and said "Hello," and I know that sounds creepy but it really wasn't. My sister and mom were there and the baby looked over at Lauren and started smiling and laughing. It was the cutest little thing and I woke up with this insane feeling of peacefulness and happiness. So who knows what that means...

Yesterday I blogged that I was really feeling bad yesterday but I have to say that today was so amazing. It was a wonderfully positive day at work, and I was reminded yet again of how much my day depends on my attitude. Once work ended I enjoyed a hard trek around town for a little over an hour with Robyn, and when I got home I was feeling even better. I've been stepping up my workouts a lot lately and I am definitely in a really inspired place right now, in terms of fitness. Well really all things, but especially fitness I suppose.

Tomorrow is Friday, which I am very happy about. I am looking forward to a weekend of relaxation. My family was thinking of coming up, and other than a birthday party Saturday, Hank and I have no plans outside of our "Autumn enjoyment" stuff. I can't wait.

I hope all of you have a truly fabulous Friday!


  1. Haha I love the dream! I can't wait for it to become reality!

  2. your dream reminds me a little of breaking dawn(twilight series)...but maybe because i am such a twilight geek i translate everything into twilight scenes or chapters!
    and those cupcakes look so delicious x

  3. Yummy cupcakes!!!
    Ok, so, I have to tell you, when I had a dream like that, I WAS pregnant & didn't know it.... Hmmm... I'm just saying.... ;)

  4. Oh & I can't wait to do some fall festivities myself! Pumpkin I come!!!

  5. The cupcakes are so sweet. Must be a great class.

    Glad your day went better.

    The dream was funny!

    Yay for Fall.