Sunday, October 4, 2009

hey Saturday night!, Sunday morning.

hey Saturday night!, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

So. Hank, Brookie and I just got back from seeing "Whip It," and oh my gosh I absolutely loved it! First of all, Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page are such beauties. Second of all, I loved the ENTIRE thing from start to end. I really felt that the film sent out a good message to girls who may be a little different, that different is okay. It even made me want to go out and try derby. Seriously. I usually shy away from these types of films- almost formulaic indie tortured teen finds an outlet kinda thing- but this is amazing. It made me smile the whole time and I left the theater feeling really awesome. Go see it!

As for now, I am heading to bed. I am so, so tired and I am excited to sleep for a full eight hours. I hope all of you had a beautiful evening!