Monday, October 5, 2009

lazy Monday

Oh what a wonderful day. It was a very quiet Monday at work- my kids are just winding down this quarter and I spent all day reviewing for their mid-term with them, and my Seniors were in the lab working on their Senior Research paper. It was a great day. Plus, knowing I have just four short days left until Fall Break is making it fly by. After work I came home and did absolutely nothing until about 8pm, which was much-needed and well-deserved, if you ask me! Around 8:30 I decided to get some cardio and my lifting done, so I dragged myself to the gym but it quickly turned into an amazing workout and I left feeling awesome.

I have a few different topics I want to write about this week, but today I'll keep it to this short update since I should probably head to sleep!

I got a little photobooth crazy about five minutes ago...

Monday night

our little family

attack by doggy kisses!


"Mom? Why do you make me take silly photos?"

"But really..."

Hey guys!

Oh! Also, Hank is playing with the Misfits next month when they get back from tour. This "version" of the Misfits is annoying and stupid, but it should still be a fun show! I love the venue and location.

November, Hank's band is playing this when they get back from their full US tour


  1. your little family is so cute!!!!and that's awesome about the misfits:) x

  2. i LOVE the last picture of you and madeline-so cute!