Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today was a good day! I don't have much time to blog because I need to finish cleaning house, but I wanted to make a quick daily post to say "hello!" to all of you and to ramble a bit before I buckle down and finish the job. So Hank has been gone since last week and I have been enjoying all of this alone time, but of course missing my darling! He is having so much fun though, and it makes me so happy to hear that excitement in his voice whenever we talk. He's been in touring bands since he was about fifteen so that's a lot of seeing the world! Some of you may be familiar with his former band, Life in Pictures- he was the singer and I really love their music. You can check them out on any music site/buy their music from any major retailer if you're interested. His current band, Hour of the Wolf is really awesome too, and he plays guitar. He is involved in other musical projects as well...which is so opposite from me! I don't have much musical talent, so I hope our kids get all of his. We're both artistic in our own way, but a musician I am not! So anyway, he is having a blast. If you want to read up on his adventures, check out his blog here.

I have been keeping pretty busy over this week and I am getting so excited for Halloween! Tomorrow night I am hosting a little get-together at my house...Halloween treats and Hocus Pocus with some of my favorite ladies. It should be a great time. Then, barring that Sarah's sickness does not progress, I am heading to Tempe for a super girly sleepover at her new house, and we will more than likely check out our girl's burlesque show at a large party that night. Saturday we are going to head back up to Prescott and spend Halloween here! Terra is coming down from Flagstaff, so between RB, Jenn, and my girls it should be a great time. Our friends are having a party at their house and then we'll all be trekking downtown to Whiskey Row. I am just crossing my fingers that Suki gets healthy so we can enjoy an awesome weekend!

As for now, I am off to clean. I hope all of you have a beautiful evening! I will be doing my picture post either Friday or Sunday, so stay tuned! Love you all.

quiet night in, trying not to get sick :/

I love me some freshly bathed Madeline!


  1. wow the first. what you going to be for Halloween this year?

  2. Heather! :) I have been loving that you've been posting in your blog! I am going to be...haha it's secret! I will post a photo Saturday! What are your plans for Halloween? xo

  3. Hour of the Wolf is on Think Fast! ? I just lurked their myspace, haha. My friends Far From Finished are on ThinkFast!

  4. Gabrielle, yeah they put their last record out via them! :) so cool- small world!