Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend in Review

This weekend I joined some of my closest girlfriends for a weekend at our old stomping grounds- Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ for the Homecoming festivities. We don't go every year, but this year worked out for a majority of us last minute, so we took the plunge and decided to go. Our usual girl's trip/travel group was whittled down a bit due to Amy and Carrie living in Florida and Minnesota, respectively, and Autumn and Brenda pregnant, so it turned out to be just five of us.

I had the best time this weekend. I got to catch up with so many old, dear friends and my little heart felt like it was going to just burst from happiness the entire time. Many of you might not know this, but I was in a sorority throughout all four of my undergrad college years. I lived in the house/wing and loved every single second of the experience. When people meet me now, based off appearances they're sometimes surprised I was a "sorority girl," and I don't talk about it unless I'm with my sisters or if it comes up, so it's funny for me at times when people find out and it kind of bends stereotypes and preconceived notions. I love it. In case you're curious, I'm a Pi Phi alumni (Pi Beta Phi), which is actually the oldest sorority in the United States, we were founded in 1867 and there is more than likely a chapter in any major university you visit. Pi Phi is a huge, huge part of my life and it's a really special thing to me. I feel like it really shaped me into a wonderful woman, as cheesy as it sounds, and I met many of my very, very best friends through it. I know a lot of people have negative feelings towards Greek life, but for the most part those are people who probably haven't ever experienced it themselves. I am a huge proponent of "girl power" (haha), and a total girl's sorority life was made for someone like me. A big part of Homecoming is meeting up with all of the Pi Phis, and the active chapter will do a luncheon or banquet on the last day. This year we went out Friday night, Saturday morning for a late-start Tequila Sunrise, and Saturday night. Sunday was the luncheon. Overall the weekend was awesome. We ate yummy food, walked all over downtown, danced our butts off, and laughed 'til we cried. It's such a wonderful thing to be able to make new memories with old friends. Like I said earlier, my heart is so full of love and so happy, and I am so grateful for all of these amazing women in my life.

Now, pictures!

our room at the historic Monte Vista Hotel right in the heart of downtown Flagstaff. I LOVE this hotel so much, and the salon/spa Autumn and I worked at all through college is attached to this, so I would often have to go into the scary basement to get fresh towels. I am positive the place is haunted and Erin, Jenna and I swear we had a strange experience with the "Bellman Ghost." haha.

our room at the historic Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff, AZ

Jenna, Erin, and Shirley
Jenna, Erin and Shirley

Monte Vista Lounge

dinner! We enjoyed a delicious Thai meal.

Jenna and Shirley


After dinner we headed down to Maloney's, which is a bar we used to frequent while in college. It is definitely not my kind of place now, but it was fun for awhile and we ran into a million people! I ended up seeing Kelli, my sister's best friend and one of my favorite people. Her boyfriend Mike attended NAU so they came up for the weekend and it was a pleasant surprise to see her. :)

Kelli and me!

Alana and me, squinty because the flash was way too bright for a dark bar!

Alana and me

more squints! ;)

at Maloney's

outside, it was so cold. I swear I'm not that short, just crouching!

the girls, and Jenna's closed eyes ;)

Katie and Terra, Autumn and my little sisters in Pi Phi and dear friends! I love them.

Katie and Terra "littles"

love these girls

Big sis/little sis! Terra is one of the most important people to me in the whole, wide world. We've been through a lot together and now that she is back in the country I am so excited to spend as much time as possible with her. She is coming up this next weekend to stay with me, and I'm literally counting down the minutes. She is such a doll.

my little sis <333

We spent Friday night bar hopping and ended the night at the Monte V, dancing to a fun band and being silly. Alana, Erin and I decided to eat pizza at 3am (NOT my style and I felt so gross the next day- although it was so delicious at the time), and went to sleep around 4am or so. The next morning was Tequila Sunrise, which is an NAU tradition where the bars open at 6am and it's just an all-around insane time. We thought about doing it/not going to sleep...but sleep won and we didn't wake up until around 8am and then headed downtown, still insanely tired!

Here we are! Alana does not look happy. ;)

Saturday morning, heading downtown on nooo sleep!

heading down in the elevator
elevator, heading downstairs

Here's Shirley, sitting on the patio at Charly's/Hotel Weatherford and enjoying brunch. We were incessantly entertained by the wasted, wasted people stumbling around!


beautiful day
Hotel Monte Vista

tired faces...shortly after this I went back up to the room and napped my heart out with Jenna!
downtown Flagstaff

That night we decided to do Beaver St. Brewery for dinner and then go out once again to see friends and enjoy our last night in town! Dinner was okay, Shirley and I split a pizza (bad again?!) and a salad.

Jenna and Alana at dinner

at Beaver St. Brewery

Afterwards we went over to The Green Room.

Don't even ask what those drinks are...and yes, that is a Red Bull can floating in the pitcher.

Leah and Alana

Now this is a horrid picture of me, but the real gem is cute Shirley in the background. Her face makes me laugh every time and I'm leaving this up for Autumn's benefit!

moustache? I look gross but this is HILARIOUS of cute Shirls so it stays.


beautiful Leah

I stopped taking photos at this point because the night got a little crazy and I forgot to, but it was really fun time! :)

The next morning we slept in as late as possible and headed over to the Pi Phi luncheon I mentioned at the beginning of the entry! One of the neatest things about this afternoon was that one of my very special students, Anna, is a Pi Phi pledge now, so I'm taking part in her experience with her...I'm just so excited that she decided to do it and it's awesome that she's a part of something so special to me.

Jenna and Shirls downstairs in the conference room

Jenna and Shirl

Alumni photo!


conference room at Mountain View- introducing the alums

Anna and me!

Anna and me <3

up in the chapter room- Michelle is in the middle and she is basically the chapter's "Mom." Her class was the founding Pi Phi class at NAU, and she's now the advisor. It's very neat to know her as an adult now, rather than the way it was before.


Here are some of the baby Pi Phis that rushed when I was a junior...they're all grown up and it's adorable.

baby Pi Phis, all grown up!

more of the little ones

the little ones!

And finally, one more in the hallway!

love them

So, that was my weekend! I definitely need to get to sleep now but I hope all of you had a beautiful past two days. I have a few things I want to blog about this week outside of day to day stuff, so I will be tackling that tomorrow night. Goodnight all! xo


  1. Looks like so much fun :)
    I sometimes secretly wish I was a Lumberjack instead of a Sun Devil ;)

  2. I totally forgot you're friends with Terra. Our moms are really good friends and she and I went to kindergarten- high school together! Small world!!

  3. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend!

    I went to visit one of oldest friends who is a freshman at NAU last month and got to stay with her in the honor's dorms. The campus is so beautiful and sometimes I wish my campus looked that way, rather than the concrete jungle that it is.


  4. Lindsay- It was a lot of fun! I loved being a Lumberjack ;)

    Sarah- I totally forgot too! Suuch a small world.

    Chelsea- Yes the campus is SO beautiful but ASU has so much cute stuff around it too...and amazing restaurants!

  5. Your pictures make me want to visit always looks so beautiful!!

  6. I love Hotel Monte Vista and yes I believe it's haunted too!Ooh the basement, Did you hear or see the crying baby down there?;)

  7. Ah! That purple coat that I think Shirley is wearing is awesome!!!