Monday, November 16, 2009

Anchor Monday

Anchor Monday, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

Sorry for the weird chest angle but I can't help it! haha. I love this sweater though.

How was everyone's day today? Mine was awesome. I love Mondays, and today was a great day at work. Afterward I got tea with my sis-in-law Brooke and chit chatted about her plans to open a cupcake shop right here in Prescott! I am really excited and happy for her, and I can't wait to help out. There are many changes that are happening in our world right now and I am so in love with life I just want to shout it from the rooftops!

So after tea with Brooke I came home and relaxed for a bit, then Hank got back with our dinner from Thaifoon. Our date night tonight was a simple one- Thai takeout and catching up on The Biggest Loser. Perfect. Now, gym time. Tomorrow I work a half day then Hank and I are heading up to Flagstaff with a carful of furniture to drop off for our friend, and then Hank's band is opening for The Misfits. I think the "new" Misfits are ridiculous but it should be a fun show and I'm happy to go and see a bunch of my friend who live in Flag. Plus, Hank and I absolutely love our drives together and I'm looking forward to getting up there to the even colder weather! Scarf, jacket, gloves, check!

Soo, before I change my mind, I'm off to the gym. Happy Monday! :)


  1. Thank you very much! I've enjoyed wearing it over the past 4 years or so! It's held up quite nicely. :)

  2. p.s. Have you seen these nesting doll measuring cups: ???
    I remember that you said you collect them. I think they're way adorable.

  3. LOVE the sweater! (and all that is nautical, that is :)

  4. That is a a cute sweater! Have fun in Flag!

  5. The neckline on that sweater is nice. Very cute.