Sunday, November 15, 2009

birthday fun!

Last night was a ton of fun, celebrating the birth of my dear friend and fellow English teacher, Robyn! We began the night at her place, where she served a bunch of yummy appetizers and provided drinks for the party goers. I am still abstaining from alcohol, and I've actually decided to do so all the way through the holidays and into the new year. I love waking up after a night with friends and feeling so great- no headache, no tummy ache, just perfect. I have just as much fun when I don't drink, so I'm not really sure why I choose to do it in the first place. It's also very easy to abstain when you have a husband who is straight edge, like I do. He doesn't care if I drink, but he knows that I am happier with myself when I don't, and he encourages me to be my best self all of the time. So anyway, after the cocktail hour at Robyn's house we all made our way over to the Taj Mahal, a fantastic Indian restaurant right downtown. The night was full of laughter and fun, and delicious food! Everyone really enjoyed the cake I made and the entire dinner party was a huge success. After dinner a few of the girls and I headed downtown for some dancing and ended the night on a great note! Happy birthday Robyn!

Here are some pictures, of course. If you'd like to see more, simply click on any of these photos to be transported to my Flickr!



crown of toys! :)
little black dress, crown of toys?

beautiful birthday girl!
at Robyn's house

Robyn's house- print by Cory! <333
print by Cory!

handsome Hank
my handsome husband!

Crystal's still cute even when SCAARY
love the face!

I am so, so happy he is home. :)

presented the cake to the bday girl
presenting my lovely baked good to the birthday girl

Happy birthday to YOU!


cutting the cake!

inside of the cake I made

heading out into the COLD! brrrrr
heading out into the cold!

my sweet dance moves, apparently
my sweet dance moves, apparently

me smooshing Crystal!

this is a weird drunk smile I tend to make, although now apparently I do it sober too. hmmmm
awkward smile!


  1. my birthday as a great success with much thanks to you. and thanks for being the paparazzi. MUA!

  2. Great pictures! Looked like you guys had a good time.
    You looked adorable as always!

  3. You and your husband are always so cute. :)