Friday, November 27, 2009

Nails, nails, nails

Here's OPI's "Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow" in action. I took a million photos but none captured the green color of the polish. It's super dark, but definitely green, which doesn't really show up in pictures!

OPI's "Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow"


  1. if i look reeeal close i can tell it's green.
    and i love it!
    i've been wanting a color similar to that for awhile now.

    i'm really curious to see how that essie: mint candy apple looks after applied.
    it's beautiful.

  2. What a funny name! That's silly. I love BeneFit's product names too, they're super cheesy but they always make me smile.

  3. cute nails, but holy rock there on your finger. dont fall over or anything!

    i am in a sorority and we are all fans of OPI's "It's all greek to me!"

  4. ooh that looks pretty. i love really dark nail polish on my nails! good name indeed.

    ps - that is the most beautiful ring ever!

  5. @girlbones- I will be using the Mint Candy Apple tomorrow or Monday so I'll post a photo for you! :)

    @plaidguru- what sorority where you in? I'm a Pi Beta Phi alum!

    @cupcakecutie- thank you! <333

  6. yay! I love nail polish, I almost got that one, but I already have too many nail polishes that look black, so I got "Turned up Turquoise" by China Glaze which is sister company to OPI, its fabush...not my usual color scheme, but I love it!

  7. I love nail polish too. As cheap or expensive as you want it to be, and always cheers me up!

  8. I can tell it's green. Love how they look!

  9. that ring is gorgeous! i don't know if it is vintage or just looks vintage but it's so pretty! i just found your blog..having fun reading it...i want all your clothes! ;)