Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday, day and night

I spent the majority of the day today relaxing and doing errands. I got a lot accomplished and I feel great about it. My wonderful friend Adria was also in town today from Los Angeles, so we had a fun time hanging out for awhile this evening! She came over and we chit chatted for a bit, and then her, Hank and I walked over to the light parade. In our usual small town fashion it wasn't the fanciest parade, but it was definitely cute and festive! After we got sick of standing around in the cold we went over and got dinner at Hugo's. Delicious!

In other news, I am heading to bed now. I'm so proud of myself, as it's only 12:30am! I've been going to bed well past 2am lately and that is something I definitely do not want to get in the habit of doing. Yuck. I really prefer to go to bed early and get up early! Tomorrow morning the gym opens at 9am and my plan is to be there when the doors open. Goodnight everyone!

Here are the few photos from this evening!

LA and Prescott

Hank, Adie and me!

Light Parade, the only photo that turned out from the parade, oops!

my bowl of beans! YUM
Hugo's- my delicious bowl 'o beans and veggies

Hugo's- tamale plate

yes, this is a snowman made out of popcorn! :)
Yes this is a popcorn ball snowman!

homemade treats!

checking out some exploding candy!


  1. Looks like you guys had a fun Saturday :]

    Our light parade is coming up in a few days. It's not much either, but I'm really excited to go.

  2. Lovely pics! I love the popcorn snowman! I love when people take pictures of their meals! It's extra cute!

  3. I love looking at everyones photos of them getting ready for christmas and being all rugged up for winter weather. It looks so much more christmassy then over here.

  4. mmmm i want me some froot loop delight!

    it sucks so much we dont get froot loops here, i crave them every day :( xxx

  5. ooohhhh looks so magical.

  6. I love Prescott!! It was always our favorite place to go to get away from the city for a couple days. We even stayed in the Hotel Vendome once. :)

  7. How much fun! that bean soup looks amazeballs, I love reading your blog! and I love how you dress, so classy!

  8. The popcorn snowman is really cute. What an original idea.

    Love your knit hats. Really cute.

  9. Found your blog through your MJ post over at LJ. LOVE your style and what a cute doggy! I think it would be really neat if you told details about your outfits because it's fantastic!!

  10. adorabe photo's
    & that popcorn snowman is the coolest thing ummmm EVER!!!!

  11. I think I have to come & see you sometime...
    Love Frosty the Popcorn Man! So cute!
    You looked adorable, by the way!